Best Budget Folding Bike In 2020 | Review & Buying Guide

Are you getting tired to carry a more substantial bike? At the same time, you might tense to store your more giant bike. Do you need a versatile bike? Then it would help if you had the best budget folding bike. 

Folding bike is fantastic transport. Because it designed with a compacted folding mechanism, so, you can collapse it anywhere. Likewise, this bike comes with ultra-lightweight. 

Therefore, it comes with many unique benefits. First of all, it has all features of a regular bike. Secondly, it makes your journey more comfortable because you can fold it to transport and store. Luckily, this folding bike allows you to make a journey by train, boat, or car. You can fold the bike and make the size smaller. We are here to share with you the best folding bike list. We hope this guide can help you. So, let’s get started

Top 3 Best Budget Folding Bike Reviews

We are working on research on several bikes of the recent market. Lately, we have done an in-depth study on the Folding bike. And we have got a few good folding bikes. However, we have sorted out the top three best folding bikes for you. These best budget folding bike 2020.

1. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

Key Features:

  • An adult folding bike best for men and women
  • It comes with compacted size and a smoother ride
  • It provides seven-speed shifters and linear breaker
  • Including a nylon storage bag and rear rack
  • The splash-proof rear and front fenders keep you safe from the dirt.

Schwinn loop is an excellent folding bike. The iconic American brand Schwinn made this folding bike. It is suitable for easy folding. Likewise, this folding bike ensures a smoother ride. Let’s look at its utility.

First of all, it comes with folding features. You can fold a more significant size bike within seconds. It is possible to fold the bigger bike for six feet rider. Even, it is so much compacted size after folds. So, you can easily make a camping or RV tour with this bike. But you don’t need any bike rack. 

Secondly, Schwinn comes with seven-speed Shimano Revo shifts twist. At the same time, the tourney rear derailleur is another excellent feature. 

Besides, there have a rear carry rack, nylon bike storage bag. So, you can carry anything you want. Most importantly, the nylon bag helps to save the bike from the rain. 

Moreover, you will get a sturdy kickstand and durable steel hinges. And linear-pull breaks and splash-proof fenders including with it. 

When folded, its dimensions are 29.5 inches x by 29 inches x 19 inches. And it weighs only 33 pounds. Then the wheel size is 20 inches. Do note that it is available in black, white, and silver color.


  • The bike will save from being stolen
  • Needs little space to store
  • Portable to carry into a car, bus or train
  • Lightweight to carry in several places


  • Some customers have faced technical problems


We recommend this adult folding bike for commuting. Because it is the best performer for commute in any weather.

2. Folding Bike for Men and Women

Key Features:

  • A universal folding bike perform best in commuting and city riding 
  • It is healthy to bear a more massive load
  • Features on alloy handlebar, 44T chainring, and steel V brakes
  • The wheel size is suitable for 20 and tire quantity 1.75

It is a newly arrived folding bike. However, it has become quite popular due to its quality. Notably, the build material and folding mechanism are best. And this folding bike can bear up to 220 lbs. Weight. 

Luckily, you are getting this bike with the half installation. So, you have to assemble only the seat, handle and front wheel. And it needs only 15 seconds to folds. As a result, it is accessible to packs quickly. 

Because, of the quick packing, you can store it into your car. Likewise, it can be stored in the office inside. As well as to keep safe from the thief, you can put it in the closet. 

Moreover, the shifter measurement is from 14t to 28t. The bike frame is made of high tensile steel. Then the wheel size is 20″ x 1.75 with Road Tires.

The folded measurement is 86 x 63 x 33/ 33″ L x 24″ H x 13″ W. This bike weight is 33 lbs. but it can take 220 lbs. Loads. The more interesting thing is that in this model, you are getting five different hues. 


  • Versatile for men, women, and teens
  • It comes with half assemble
  • Super weight-bearing power
  • Folding within a short time


  • So far, no complaint we have received


We are grateful to the brand. Because this is a versatile bike. So, we recommend to pick up this bike for men, women and teens. You can use it for outing and city riding.

3. Transformer 20″ Folding City Bike 

Key Features:

  • A loveable folding bike with mudguard frame
  • It comes with ideal 20×1.75 wheel and tires
  • The wheel and tire size provides good acceleration
  • It allows you to ride on the muddy or off-road with speed

Another great one is the transformer folding bike. Many have seen to find the folding bike for off-road. That’s why we note out this nice folding bike. It is mainly designed for muddy or off-road condition. Besides, you can use this for exercising and commuting. 

First of all, I would say about the Shimano six-speed shifter. This shifter is of simple twist. At the same time, the derailleur is efficient. Besides, you will get a semi alloy front and rear brake. So, it provides the super stopping power. You can break the bike where you need. 

Secondly, the handlebar stem is super durable. As well as, it is quickly removable. There have an alloy cap and black bell including with it. Thirdly, this bike wheel size is WANDA 20 inches. And the tire 1.75 size ensures the best acceleration. 

The overall measurement is 32 x 13 x 23 inches. Then the weight is comparatively much less. It comes with 32 lbs. Unfortunately, there has no color choosing option. You have to pick up the silver color. However, this silver color is quite elegant. 


  • The comfortable seat
  • Shimano six-speed shifter
  • Semi alloy rear brake


  • Some user has faced problem in the pedal holes.


We suggest you think about this nice folding bike. You can pick it up for regular exercise or RV travel or touring.

Folding Bike Brands

You can justify the brands when you have an idea on several brands. Here we made an essential guide on some common folding bike brands. You will encounter these brands in the recent market. 


Brompton is a well-known brand for folding bikes. It is the best brand for a folded bike size. A very fewer brands can provide the folded size like Brompton. 

For example, this brand made 16 inches wheels folding bike. As a result, you can fold the bike with the most compacted size. But there has a different feeling when riding. However, you can use the smaller size wheel within some days. 

Keep in mind to increase your budget when you have decided to buy a Brompton bike because Brompton offers you the entry-level folding bike within £745. The Brompton B75 will cost you £745. 

On the other hand, this cost will increase and reach to £1000. The B75 has less damage due to the older material. Cause the old stuff doesn’t come with mudguards benefits. Besides, Brompton has come with several gears, color and wheel size. 


Don’t be confused about the Dahon or tern. These both are a similar brand. Mainly, the tern brand owner is the son of the Dahon brand. Both of these brands made different kinds of a folding bike. And their price range is roughly less. So, you can bear.  

Good to know that tern and dahon folding bike brands are famous for the giant wheel. They are providing 20 inches wheel. It will make you feel a different riding experience. However, it can’t be compacted as like a Brompton folding bike. 

You will get available this bike in the UK. But you also can search in the nearest dealer. Besides, there have several shops to provide the second hands Dahon or tern folding bike. 

Lastly, we would tell you to search the best Dahon bike in the Malmesbury, Wiltshire in CH White. 


You might be looking for a folding bike for long rides. In this case, you will need a large wheel folding bike. And luckily, the most larger wheel size is available in the Montague brand. 

For example, Montague made 26 inches wheel size. This site will give you the most comfortable ride, especially when you go for a long journey. Do, note; the larger size folding bike comes with less compact benefits. So, you have to adjust the two facilities. 

 Little Birdy:

It is mostly like the Brompton bike. It comes with 18 inches wheel size. Where the Brompton is offering 16 inches wheel. Although, both are nearly same. But there have several differences. For example, the little bird has no hinge. Likewise, there has no flex lending. 

However, this Birdy has a suspension connection behind the bike. This suspension can take the bumps from the bound. 

Apart from these, we know about two other folding bike brands. The Strida and Raleigh are the best of them. The Strida bikes are not suitable for the hills or rough terrain. You can pick up strida for a short tour. On the other hand, Raleigh is a famous brand. It has a folding system. But its s not suitable for other people.

The Buying Guide

You must need to gain ideation as to buy a folding bike. Maybe you have not enough expertise to figure out a best budget folding bike. That’s why we made this list. Here are the most common and magical tricks. If you can follow these considerations, you can get the best bike. 


Generally, the most buyer has a specific budget. So, you also have a budget to buy a folding bike. We think you need to take an idea about the folding bike cost. So, you can search for the right bike. At the same time, we request to notice on the bike quality. In many times, you might increase your budget a little bit. But you need to take the minimum budget from 300$ to 500$. In rare case, you can get the best folding bikes under $300. 

Folding Size:

Folding size refers to the compacted size after folding the bike. We suggest noticing two different rules when you are thinking about the folding size. First of all, public transit rules. The public transit rules are different in several states. 

For example, you will see some states allows a giant folding bike on the bus and public train. Again, some states have rules to allow the smallest size folding bike. Besides, there have some rules for subway riding. You can’t use all sizes folding bike on the subway road. 

Overall, we recommend considering the folding size carefully. Keep in mind, to choose the less bike folding size. Then you can transport it within different public bus or train.  

Moreover, you have to adjust the size and activity. You should not give priorities only on folding system. The performance is also essential. 


In many ways, you can make smaller your bike. For example, there have many bikes comes with removable parts. So, you can comfortably apart from the handlebars, seat and wheels. But folding technology is quite different. 

It is a built-in method. So, you can collapse it in the middle of the bike. In this case, you must compare with the performance of the bike with the folding system. Because, sometimes, the performance can reduce due to the over compacted size. 

However, it is essential to look at another folding feature. For example, the most crucial thing is speed. It means how quickly you can fold your bike because some bike comes with lazy folding. The lazy folding can impact on you during the rain and to catch the running bus. So, try to pick up a folding bike which can be folded up within 20 seconds. 

Wheel Size:

When it comes to the folding bike, the wheel size choosing is a difficult task. If the size of the wheel is too big, you can’t foldthat bike too much. But a giant wheel can give you a comfortable ride. 

On the other hand, a smaller wheel can help to get the most compacted bike. You can easily fold up a bike with a smaller size. Besides, you will need little space to store the bike. Now the question is what you should consider when choosing a folding bike? We recommend adjusting both factors.

For example, you can pick up minimum folding benefits with the medium-size wheel. And always avoid the too smaller size and also giant-size wheel.

The advantages of the folding bike

We can’t describe the benefits of a folding bike. The excellent features and benefits just wow. You will wonder about using it within a lot of great features.

Recreational use:
Folding bikes are usually coming at low speed. These aregreat for city riding and commuting. Besides, this bike is good enough for entertainment. Because it allows you to roam around in the afternoon. Even you can come out for morning exercise. So, a folding bike can be a great recreational bike.

Space Saving:
One of the benefits of a Folding bike is that it saves space. Most of the user love it for the space-saving feature. Because, in the folded-up position, you can make it smaller 30 per cent then the regular size. So, it is possible to save almost 60%. Even you can store it in the closet. Which is never possible in a traditional bike?

Furthermore, it will be great for those who live in the apartment. Because there has no larger space for keeping the regular bike. In this case, you can buy a folding bike within a limited price. It will save your space.

Moreover, you can store the bike in your office during days as well as it gives you a chance to transport it within your car. So, you don’t need an additional bike rack.

Easy transportation:
You will get the best transportation benefit. First of all, you can carry it from home to outside. Secondly, this bike can be sent upon any transport. For example, you can take it on the bus, train or boat. Even you can transport it in the plane.

Easy storage:
This bike is excellent for secure storage. Due to the foldable power, you can store it with anywhere in your home. Even it can be kept in the closet.

Verities of size:
Folding bikes are available in several adjustable wheel size. Most of the people are thinking that folding bike can’t get with the proper size. But we can ensure you that folding bike comes with several sizes.

You can choose as per your need—the wheel diameter and frame size all of in your hands. You can make a decision when buying. For example, there have a lot of folding bike from a reputed brand. You will get 16″, 18″, 22”- and 26”-wheel size from different brands.

Due to the folding size, your bike will stay safe from danger. First of all, you can save it from bad weather. Maybe, snowfall and rainfall is a regular case in your areas. So, naturally, it is difficult to store the bike in the rain or snow. Luckily, you will get a nylon cover bag to store your bike on the lousy weather.

Moreover, this bike less attractive to the thieves. As well as, you can lock it up for over security. Most importantly, you can take it inside the home. So, it can stay proper safe from the thieves.

Disadvantages of a folding bike

The disadvantages of a folding bike are rare. Yet there have some mild factors you may face the problem. So, here are these.

Higher cost:
A folding bike will cost more than another bike. And this is natural. If you don’t have an idea or proper budget, then it seems the higher cost to you. We don’t think it is a con. Folding bike is price worthy. Because you will get a lot of benefits from it. Besides, the bike is also coming with durability.

Wheel size:
In this case, many people have problems with the wheel size. The thing is, they don’t understand what the wheel size will be perfect.

We suggest choosing the medium wheel size. Keep remembering you won’t get the best smoothness with the larger wheel.

So, it is vital to combine the wheel size with the folding size. It is not precisely the cons of this bike. Just you need to adjust.

You have to be prepared that a folding bike comes with a low rate than a traditional bicycle. However, it has enough speed for commuting or city riding. Likewise, you can use it for exercising. But it doesn’t support the racing or uphill riding.

Frequently Asked Question

1)  Is foldable bicycle good?

In a word, a folding bike is an ideal choice for more comfortable transportation and storage. You can buy a folding bike if you have not enough space to store it. Besides, if you have to commute in several places by train or bus, then you can also carry this folding bike with you. So, an overall folding bike is a great bike model to make your life easier.

2)  Are folding bikes good for exercise?

Yes, a folding bike is quite useful for several exercises. You can regularly use this bike for activity. It helps you to lose weight. Not only that, but a folding bike also provides you with all benefits of a regular bike. Moreover, you can participate in several games like cross-training or cycling.

3)  What are the folding bike materials?

The heavier metal is difficult to fold. That’s why the lightweight aluminum metal is preferable for lightweight folding bike. Luckily, you can buy an aluminium material bike.Because most of the folding bike is made of aluminum. Besides, Chromoly steel is also suitable for folding.

4)  Are foldable bikes suitable for long-distance?

Yes, a folding bike has the same quality to go for a long distance. With this bike, you can travel 100 to 125 miles easily. Many have tried it and become a success to go a long ride.

5)  How fast can a foldable bike go?

A foldable bike can go 16 to 33 miles per hour. In this case, the smaller and larger size wheel works the same. For example, I have tried with a 20”-wheel size bike. When my friend took a more modest size wheel of 16′ inches, but he can run with me in a similar row.

6)  Are foldable mountain bikes good?

In recent times, some popular brands release the best budget folding mountain bike. Specially, these bikes are made for off-road, rough terrain and elevation. So, these can meet any challenge. The manufacture used high-quality material to make this so that they can survive in the rocky areas.

Final Words

It is the latest complete guide for folding bikes. Here we covered the top low budget folding bike. We have tested each of the bike quality. Each of the products of our list is best in different aspects. You pick up anyone from them. 

Besides, you can pick up another folding bike. But in all cases, we suggest following our buying guide. We made this buying guide after a lot of research as well as we have written the advantages and disadvantages of a folding bike so that you can quickly realize the value.

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