5 Best Fixie Bikes Under $200 in 2022

Best Fixie Bikes Under 200

Choosing the best fixie bikes under 200 was a challenge for us. I mean c’mon, 200 dollars? Really?  Now, we can’t obviously tell our readers to get something out of random and say, ‘Oooooh, here’s the winner.’ No, we don’t play that card. We wanted, no matter which one you choose, it should have a … Read more

How to Remove Paint from Bike Frame?

how to remove paint from bike frame

Bikes are painted with commercial-grade paint that can endure rough conditions. Removing this paint is no easy job. You must be persistent, patient, and hard-working to scrape the paint of a bike. However, although challenging, it is not an impossible task. To know how to remove paint from bike frame effectively, come further and learn … Read more