Top 3 Best Fixie Tires

Fixie tires provide the best riding experience on a bicycle. When your bike doesn’t need any fuel or gas; then the best fixie tires can give the best paddling

Fixie tires come with many benefits. First of all, you will get the best comfortable riding. Even it allows you to ride on any terrain. Secondly, these tires reduce accident risk. Thirdly, you will get a long-lasting tire. Most importantly, fixies are available at a low cost. 

But are you confused about what fixie tires will be best? It can be confusing because there has a lot of models and colors. Besides, each is different in features.   Today, we are discussing the best fixie bicycle tires. We believe you will get your needed one from the list. So, let’s read the guides.

A Quick Glance at Our Favourites

Continental Gatorskin Tire
Continental Gatorskin Tire
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Size: ‎700 x 25mm
  • Bike Type: Road Bike
  • Dimensions: 26x26x1.5 in
Continental Gator Hardshell
Continental Gator Hardshell
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Size: ‎700 x 25mm
  • Bike Type: Road Bike
  • Dimensions: 9x3x3 in
Continental Gator DuraSkin
Continental Gator DuraSkin
  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Black
  • Size: ‎700 x 28mm
  • Bike Type: Racing Bike
  • Dimensions: 13x3x11 in

Top 3 Best Fixie Tires Reviews

We have researched several branded bike tires. Here are the fixie tires we have seen ever best. Generally, we love to share our experience with several products. So, others can be benefitted from it. So, let’s check out our guide.

1. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

Continental Gatorskin DuraSkin Bicycle Tire (700x25, Wire Beaded, Black)

Top Features

  • It is highly punctured resistant and has fast-rolling tires
  • Durable to meet with the worst road condition
  • It is versatile for commuting, touring, and racing.
  • Risk-free and long-lasting sidewall 

Gator skin is one of the most popular fixie tires. Hence, it is top-notch for the last few years. The features are amazing. As well, the price point is minimal. So, you can easily pick it up. 

First of all, Gatorskin is made of durable carbon black mixture. And the polyester fabric made a dense overlap thread, which is rolling resistant. Secondly, the sidewall of these tires is designed with dura skin fabric where the polyamide material can save the tires from the worst condition. 

Third of all, the tread compound is the most valuable feature of these tires. Because it ensures a long-lasting tire life, this product dimension is 26 x 26 x 1 inch. And its weight is 3.52 ounces. The tire size is 700 x 25mm. Do note these fixie tires are black.


  • Versatile using benefit
  • Durable drumskin sidewall build
  • Limited price


  • Some customers didn’t get the proper sidewall protection


We recommend this tire for the ultimate training program and racing game. However, you can choose it for regular riding, touring, and commuting.

2. Continental Gator Hardshell Folding Bike Tire

Continental Gator Hardshell Urban Bicycle Tire with Duraskin (700x25, Folding)

Top Features

  • It comes with a poly x-breaker system with polyester fabric
  • The fabric thread is very dense with less space
  • The highly protective three steps hard shell

Another great innovation of the continental brand is Gator Hardshell folding bike tires. It is a worthy model in the 100 years of the history of the Continental. If you have over 50$ budget, then you can go with these nice tires. 

We love that the bar setting is so balanced. As a result, it can be blended ideally. Hence, it was designed with a dura skin sidewall. You know the dura skin is so protective from the worst condition. 

The unique feature is its hard shell. Especially, hard shells are made with three elements. So that the tires will remains safe. There has a deep overlap sidewall protection. Likewise, it has a broader poly x breaker. Poly x breaker supports the tread stripe. 

The overall dimension of the Gator Hardshell is 9 x 3 x 3 inches. And the weight is 11.2 ounces. Then the color of the tire is black. Good to know the size is 700 x 25mm.


  • More puncture resistant
  • Powerful hard-shell protection
  • Very rider-proof and durable


  • It is a comparatively heavyweight


It is designed to tackle rough surfaces and rugged tarmac. So, this tire is suggested for racing on the tough exterior. And you can use it for your next tour or commuting.

3. Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Clincher Bike Tires

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Tire, 2-Count (Folding, 700 x 25mm), Black

Top Features

  • A lightweight tire set with dura skin sidewall protection
  • It comes with a folding system
  • Provides an excellent rolling resistant

We are grateful to Continental for these clincher tires. The number of features is impressive. Most importantly, all of the fixies released by this brand are fantastic. You need to increase your budget a little bit to get this tire. 

Gatorskin clincher comes as a package of two folding tires. So, at the very first, it is price worthy. Hence come to the features. It comes with a dura skin sidewall. So, you will get the best protection from puncture. As well as, it allows you to go for long commuting or touring. 

Besides, it has effective rolling resistant tires. At the same time, the folding system is flexible. So, you can carry it anywhere you want. Luckily, you will get available different sizes in this model. The dimension in height, length, and width are 10X4X5 inches. And the folding style tires color is full black


  • It is a package of two tires
  • Very lightweight
  • Folding mechanism


  • Price is much more than other models on our list


We highly recommend this tire set to go for long touring or rough commuting.

What to Look for in Fixie Tires

What should you consider before buying the best fixed gear bike tires? We think you need to know the details. Because the right guideline can help you to choose the best bike tires. We note out here the most crucial factors. Let’s check. 


Endurance is most famous for bicycle tires. Because you may ride on a different surface. Maybe some surface is rough and rugged. So, here the best endurance is essential. With this, you can enjoy yourself fit on the road. 

Moreover, you have to notice the is the tire is suitable for the bike. We suggest checking out the mileage benefit. Always prefer the best mileage tires.  

Generally, fixie tires have a little bit less endurance on the rocky road. So, think about tolerance. Especially, compare the road types before choosing your fixie tires. 

Tires Grip:

Next, the grip is essential to consider. Remember, you need to select resistance power, including tires. Because it can have controlling power. Good to know that maximum grip is not well for all conditions. 

If you use fixie tires with the best grip in sunny weather, it doesn’t work. On the other hand, it will work best if you use the best grip tires in the coastal location. So, choose the tire grip as per your riding location. 


Luckily, fixie tires are designed with tube tires. But, in rare cases, you may find a machine with fewer tires. However, tubeless and tube tire has individual benefits. They have also advantages and disadvantages too. We, think you need to go with tube or tubeless as per your location. 

Good to know that all location doesn’t allow tubeless tires. On the other hand, someplace badly needs tube tires. It mainly depends on the site. 

If you want to run at high speed, you can buy aluminum tubes because aluminum tubes are so lightweight. Besides, it is excellent to go at high speed. 

Tire Size:

Fixie tire sizes are the most considered factors. Tire size refers to the size of the section width and diameter outside diameter of the tire. Generally, the user measures the road bike tire size in millimeters.

 Likewise, It’s a measurement of the off-road tire in inches. Note one thing here, the first measurement refers to the tire diameter whereas the second measurement refers to the width of the tires. 

For example, if you see a measurement is 700×25 mm. You have to ensure that the first 700 mm refers to the outside diameter. Similarly, 25 mm refers to the tire width. 


In the case of fixie bicycle tires, the tread is also considered a factor. For example, you will get road tire treads, off-road tire treads, and combined treads. They are different from each other. 

For example, road tires are very smooth and have rolling resistance. Likewise, off-road tires come with grooves and knots. These can increase the grip. Similarly, the combination of treads can give you a different experience. So, choose the tread types as per your riding surface.

Final Verdict

We note the top tires in this guide. These are the bestselling on Amazon. As well as the price point is very reasonable. So, everybody can afford these great tires. Keep in mind; that you need to research a bit before buying a fixie tire. Specially, you have to notice your riding surface and location because the fixie tire type may vary on your site. 

Hence, it is essential to notice the crucial features of a fixie tire. You can follow up on our buying guides. There we listed some magical tricks. Hopefully, it will help to choose the best fixie tires. 

If you feel this post is helpful, then share this with your dearest friends. Also, comment below if you have any recommendations or suggestions about this content. We will update this content.

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