Best Mountain Bike Shock Pump – The Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

Shock pump is the exact solution for mountain riders to retain the perfect suspension. The best mountain bike shock pump is essential to keep the suspension to travel in the mountains because the traditional regular pump can’t take the additional pressure of a fork.

The shock pump is extremely efficient, durable, and easily accessible to use. And the price is low too. But there are dozens of shock pumps in the market. You might be confused in the crowd of the enormous pump.

We have tested several products for our regular research. Luckily, we can figure out the top ten shock pumps, which are best as per the quality and durability. In this guide, we will cover these excellent products. So, Let’s check.

Top Ten Best Mountain Bike Shock Pump

Whether the product is good or bad, every manufacturer or seller can claim that it is good, which makes it difficult for buyers to find the right thing. We are working as a research company in outdoor sports. And our motive is to figure out the best ideas for the customer. Mountain Bike Shock Pumps Reviews will help you to pick up the right shock pump.

1) DNM Damping Mountain Bike Shock Pump

DNM Damping Mountain Bike Shock Pump

Main Features:

  • A Taiwan imported shock pump comes with varieties of functions.
  • It has an adjustable air pressure damping rebound and lockout system
  • Providing different sizes of extra Bushing for top and bottom
  • It can control the rotation with a quality damper
  • Durable over after years for quality dark hard anodized material

DNM Damping is our first choice, and it is trendy to an enormous number of mountain bikers for reliable service. It is a reliable pump to meet all your expectations. Each of its functions will impress you nicely. We can say you will be thankful to the manufacturer after using this first shock pump.

At the very first factor, you need to notice that the DNM pump comes with an adjustable damping rebound. Adjustable rebound is crucial because an inappropriate rebound and extreme rebound both are harmful to a mountain rider. Besides, you will get a lockout function for stopping the suspension. Hence, adjustable air pressure has it. At the same time, this shock pump arrives with different sizes of extra Bushing.

It is available in up to three different sizes. The Eye to Eye x Travel available size is respectively 6.50 x 1.38-inch, 7.83 x 1.97 inch, and 7.87 × 2.17 inch. And the weight is 0.4 KG for 165 mm. Different sizes also have different loads for them—the deep hard-anodized AL-7075 Ø 0.39 inches used for shaft material. And the dark anodized AL-6061 used to make the shock body.


  • The lockout mechanism is quite suitable for flat roads
  • You will get different sizes of bushing set
  • Available several color option
  • Powerful to ensure a lighter riding
  • Smart design is ideal for mountain bike


  • Some customers have experienced shock leak problems

2) Venzo 300 PSI Digital Gauge Shock Pump

Venzo 300 PSI Digital Gauge Shock Pump

Main Features:

  • A Taiwan imported digital shock pump comes with more accurate power
  • It has a very efficient ability to control the suspension
  • Very lightweight and portable to carry anywhere
  • Attractive design and more comfortable to install and use

Venzo brings excellent news for those who are very fond of using digital bicycle shock pumps within a minimum budget. It’s a digital gauge that will give you the maximum benefit of use. Moreover, in terms of function, quality, and design, it is a unique shock pump. If you want to get out of the traditional way and get acquainted with something new, it will be best.

The things that we like most about this pump are the accuracy of the result. Everyone would love to get a device with a highly accurate result. It can measure up to 300 psi pressure which is far better than a general pump. The next fantastic factor is that it has an air bleed button. It will allow you to expel the excess air. Luckily, this Taiwan imported product comes with a limited five years warranty. Overall, it is an excellent choice for your fork suspension controlling as well as rear air.

The measurement of this pump is 8.3 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches in length, width, and radius. And is lightweight by only 260g. The 6063 aluminum is used for making the barrel, and this provides good pumping. At the same time, 2-3 PSI air bleeder buttons work best for releasing the additional air. You will also love the white hue and simple design.


  • The high-quality display can show the exact result
  • Portable to take anywhere
  • It has up to 5 years warranty


  • It has no different size option

3) PRO BIKE TOOL Shock Pump for MTB & Road Bikes

PRO BIKE TOOL Shock Pump for MTB & Road Bikes

Main Features:

  • An excellent shock pump for versatile use comes with 300psi pressure
  • It is tested for suitable use in the MTB, off-roads and mountain bike
  • Comes with the anti-leak valve and 1. 5 “readable gauge
  • A broader six-inch hose pivot for pinch-free secure pumping

Are you looking for the best bike shock pump for versatile use? We found this impressive shock pump which performs best for mountain bikes, off-road, and motorcycles. Besides, it is famous as the best MTB shock pump. It comes from the six years of reputed company Pro tools. We notice that it is a high shock pump with a lot of attractive and unique features. The best perfection for your bike suspension. Moreover, this high pump is lovesome to the people as the best air shock.

It has enough power to tackle the fork suspension, and rear brakes pressure up to 300 psi. Even in the damping situation, it can control the suspension accurately. The Schrader valve addition ensures a complete shock. A 1.5 Inches gauge is clear and readable to all. We love the fine-tune bleeder button for the right pressure.

One of its features that have fascinated us the most which are the 2 inches anti-leak valve. It controls the security the air emits when removing the pump connection.

Hence the factor is notable for user accessibility. It comes with a great T-handle which will give you a pinch-free pumping. At the same time, you are getting a 6 inches pivot mount which makes the pumping process easier. You will get the pump as reliable and strong for over after years because the alloy head has CNC machined. Luckily, you will get a refund system from the manufacturing company.


  • Anti-leak valve for preventing the air leak
  • Easier accessible process
  • Suitable for different bikes


  • It doesn’t come with air bleeder

4) RockShox High-Pressure Bicycle Shock Pump

RockShox High-Pressure Bicycle Shock Pump

Main Features:

  • A reliable shock pump for a bicycle with industrial gauge
  • It comes with an efficient bleeder valve and comfortable handle
  • Providing the best suspension controlling advantages
  • A more natural using system with precise, readable gauge

Rockshock pump is a unique invention of Rockshock brand. It arrives with attractive damping preventing power. It is even prevalent to complete simultaneous motion and missions. Besides, the developed technologies have been implemented on this pump. Because of the more comfortable accessible function and convenient features, you will love this pump. As a matter of fact that you can get so many benefits at a low price. If you want to get the best suspension for your mountain bike riding, we highly recommend this shock pump.

Firstly, we would like to say about accuracy. You can see the maximum accurate pressure during each pumping. Then, it built with low volume and maximum weight implementing quality. You can use a maximum of 300 psi to control the suspension on the roads or mountains. Besides, it comes with a bleeder valve to take out the extra air.

We should have talked about usability. Most probably, this shock pump is providing the easiest using benefits. You can easily read out the Pressure amount bar result. Additionally, it has a comfortable handlebar to relax during the air pressure inputting.

The dimension is 9.2 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches with 8.5 ounces weight. And it is made from high-quality strength material.


  • The bleeder valve helps take out the additional air
  • Accurate pressure result
  • Maximum 300 psi pressure


  • It has no any anti-leak valve to control the additional air

5) Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump

Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump

Main Features:

  • A very demanding mini pump best for the expert and beginner
  • Comes with two different sizes and quality Aluminum material
  • It has a comfortable handlebar and folding foot pad
  • Uniquely features on a flexible hose, extra-long barrel and inline gauge. 
  • Schrader head material is a quality plastic

Topeak is the most reliable mini pump on our favorite list. One of the advantages of this is that it can use all types of reeds. You can get rid of the old traditional pump which has stopped during additional air input. Also, it will save you from unexpected exploitation. It has survived in the market for a long time on its excellent service. If you are interested in mini pumps, then you can take them safely.

The first good thing that it is suitable to use for the professional and beginner. And best performer for road cycling and MTB. Its barrel is much longer than another pump. That’s why it can perform better. Besides, it has a lie gauge connection to get perfect inflation.

We are very confident about its durability because we have tested the quality for each feature. The T-handle bar with its soft pad is also commendable. Being small, you can easily carry it. Fortunately, you are getting the footpad with the folding system.

Road Morph G Mini Pump has made from the butted aluminum material, which is so much durable and lightweight.

People can take it as they like because it comes in two different sizes. The available size is 35 x 5.7 x 2.8 cm/ 13.8” x 2.2” x 1.1” and the average dimension is 1.1 x 2.2 x 13.8 inches. The product weight is 11.4 ounces. It comes with only null color.


  • It is portable to carry
  • Affordable with 9% money saving
  • Suitable for MTB and road cycling


  • The brackets included in it are inconvenient

6) LEZYNE Shock Drive Bicycle Hand Pump

LEZYNE Shock Drive Bicycle Hand Pump

Main Features:

  • Highest psi providing shock pump with luxurious design
  • Comes with built-in bleeder valve and hose thread
  • Stylish design with black and golden hue combination
  • Features on zero air lock facilities and matrix gauge

LEZNE shock pump is the first choice for those who are looking for the best mountain bike shock pump with maximum pressure. Its fantastic high-pressure shock pump comes with unique features and a luxurious design. Although, a new pump growing fast after the market out. You can use this for road and mountain bike. Because we have researched it a lot. We believe it is a worthy choice for the mountain biker.

You will be surprised to know that it can take the maximum pressure of up to 400 psi. If the price is a little higher, it has many advantages. First of all, it has high-pressured hose threads that work excellently for a better connection with the suspension valve. At the same time, you will get a water-resistant hose included in the hose thread.

Moreover, this LEZYNE hand pump comes with a built-in bladder valve. And you know the importance of having a bleeder valve. It is best to hold the air without wasting it. It is featured on the zero air loss chuck head. The Matrix gauge ensures high protection for your bike suspension.

It is made of CNC aluminum and comes with only one suitable size. The whole dimension is 12 x 4 x 3 inches, and this is extremely lightweight. Besides, the golden and black color combination makes the style unique from another pump.


  • Lightweight and gorgeous to look
  • Maximum pressure provider
  • Efficient to work and long-lasting durability


  • This product has no notable disadvantages yet

7) Venzo Shock Rear Suspension Mini Air Pump

Venzo Shock Rear Suspension Mini Air Pump

Main Features:

  • A worth shock pump comes with excellent features.
  • It offers dual face gauge for lowest and maximum pressure
  • It has no air loss nozzle
  • The best choice for MTB, mountain and downhill bike

Were you looking for a shock pump with the highest quality specifications? You are in the right place now. Because we have found out Venzo Shock Rear Suspension Mini Air Pump, we trust you will be satisfied with this pump. Because the famous brand Venzo produced this, keep in mind the maximum customer satisfaction.

It has such great features that we can’t finish. But, for your convenience, we have discussed here the more critical aspects. All-mountain riders know that there is some wastage of air when separating the pump from the lever lock. But fortunately, this is such a pump that has no nozzle to come out of the air. We recommend remembering one thing that this pump comes for only mountain bike rear suspension and fork inflating. And there is a Schrader valve. Don’t use this pump with the larger tires. However, it can take 300 psi pressure.

You’re getting a dual face gauge with this pump. As a result, you can see the minimum and maximum pressure accurately. It can measure 300 psi for high strength and 110 psi for low pressure. Then, the barrel is long enough and made of aluminum. And you can rotate the turning hose up to 360 degrees. Besides, a non-scratching rubber seal has been included in the pump head.

This shock pump measurement is 9.8 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches, and the weight comes with 7.8 ounces. The color is entirely black.


  • No air leak nozzle
  • The dual face gauge system
  • Bleed valve addition


  • This product has no specific cons

8) Beto Bike Tire/Shock Pump MTB

Beto Bike Tire/Shock Pump MTB

Main Features:

  • An attractive shock pump for mountain, MTB and regular motorcycle tire.
  • It comes with 1.5 Inches transparent pressure gauge
  • The 14 mm inner tube diameter is best for your bike
  • Comes with Schrader Presto Valve and foldable head storage
  • Selectable Hi-P modes and 300 psi maximum pressure with bleeder valve

Beto Shock pump is an excellent innovation of BETO, which was founded in 1988 in Taiwan. It is reputed especially for producing unique tire pumps with modern design. Luckily, you can use this for multipurpose inflation in mountain bike tires, MTB, and motorcycle tire. And it arrives with enormous advantages like presto valve and bleeds valve.

We liked the dual option for pressure control; also, the bleeder button is works excellent to remove the excess air. It can take up to 300 psi which you can read out from the transparent dial gauge display. Hence, it offers you a 360-degree swivel hose. Besides, the Presta and Schrader valve is another great advantage for you.

It has been made as much as smaller length; also comes with only 211 gm weight. As a result, you can bear it easily into your backpack. Pressure can input it in two ways. Firstly, you have to use the HI-V then the HI-p can take more stress and adjust it.

It is, and its weight is only 211 gm. And you will get this with only one black color. Most importantly, the barrel has made from CNC aluminum.


  • Selectable dual function of hi-v and hi-p
  • CNC aluminum barrel material
  • It has presto, Schrader and bleeder valve


  • The shorter size of this pump is not suitable to some user

9) Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump

 Fox Racing Shox Shock Pump

Main Features:

  • A smaller shock pump with expensive features
  • It provides a maximum of 150 psi pressure for rear and shock suspension. 
  • Extremely efficient without any air loss
  • It is durable and more comfortable to use
  • Having a convenient hose Schrader button

Fox Racing is the best mountain bike shock pump. It has been produced by the Fox racing manufacturer. It comes to give you versatile facilities. From fork to shock, it is a suitable choice to control your ride. Besides, the adjustable swivel hose will allow you to rotate the gauge at a 360-degree angle. Overall, it provides the benefits of a highly expensive pump.

Its built-in air gauge gives a more accurate result. We have noticed; there has no air loss during the Schrader valve opening and closing. It is an ideal quality for all pumps. You will feel comfortable using the hose Schrader button very flexible. But keep in mind that it provides only 150 psi pressure if you need more then you can go with another model.

Having an excellent smaller size of 4 x 13.7 x 1.6 inches and super lightweight 3.2 ounces make it more loveable to the mountain bike rider. And it comes with only white color. As it is good from all aspects like size, quality and cost, you can go with this shock pump for the next mountain bike riding.


  • Portable to carry
  • Easy access able
  • Very inexpensive


  • It arrives with a low airflow feature
  • Very Smaller in size

10) Rockshox Digital High-Pressure Pump

Rockshox Digital High-Pressure Pump

Main Features:

  • Digital high-pressure shock pump for mountain bike
  • Comes with a comfortable soft handlebar
  • It has a bleeder valve to adjust the internal air from overpressure 
  • Digital readable gauge comes with this pump
  • It has a small volume and best construction material

The best digital shock pump of Rockshock we must have to introduce you with it. Otherwise, you might regret this worth pump. With an ideal PSI, it is hugely popular for a lot of fantastic features. The manufacturer cares best for producing this shock pump. Primarily, this shock pump is one of the most beloved best-selling products for the last few years.

For fork and rear suspension, this pump provides high pressure at a low volume. At the same time, there has a bleeder valve under the read-out gauge, which works to control the shock pressure. As well, it has a valve head to ensure secure pumping.

Due to digital gauge, you can see the most accurate result.

However, it can take a maximum of 300 psi pressure. Most importantly, it has a bleeder valve. Generally, the bleeder valve works for releasing the additional air to adjust the air into the tire. Its digital psi will be more natural for you to read. Luckily, you are getting more of a comfortable handlebar connected shock pump.

The construction quality is excellent with durable material. Where the measurement is 12.3 x 4.2 x 2.3 inches and the weight is 7 ounces. But it is available in only one black color.


  • Great efficiency in service
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Reduce the guesswork


  • There has no notable grievance from the user

How To Choose The Best MTB Shock Pump – The Buying Guide

In this guide, we will discuss the core technical aspects of a shock pump. These can be said the magical tricks to find the best mountain bike shock pump. And why the delay? Let’s find out the secret tips that many others do not know.

Pressure Gauge:

The pressure gauge is using to measure the air pressure in the rear shock. It provides the precision of any trouble. You can use it for both air pumping and bleeding the excess air. Mainly, it works for the adjustment of air.

Shock pumps are generally coming with two types of gauge. One is analog another is digital gauge. In the analog gauge, you will find an arm to understand the pressure amount. On the other hand, there has a display digit in the digital gauge to see the result. You can use a digital or analog pressure gauge because there has no difference in inefficiency.

Moreover, the digital gauge can show the result easily but needs more time to use. Analog gauge is a bit tricky to see the result but doesn’t need more time to apply. If you want to take an analog gauge, then we recommend taking care of maximum psi. The suggested analog gauge pressure is 300 psi.


The handle is another essential part of the shock pump.

Many people know it as a T-handle. However, you have to hold this T handle during pumping. As per the expert’s opinion, the T handle should be more significant to carry easily. But it’s a must-have the right size according to the user’s hand size. The recommendation for you to select a shock pump with a comfortable T handle. As well as, remember to check the handle is wrapped in a soft cloth.

Hose Pipe:

Air hose pipe is using for operating the air from the pump to the shock. You have to focus on two critical factors in the hose pipe. First of all, the flexibility and the length of the hose. Because you need a flexible tube to adjust the valve into it. Besides, the hose pipe should be long enough. You can pump the shock from far away by the proper length hose pipe.


The Head is the middle part that connects the air shock valve to the pump. In the case of the head, you need to keep in mind the flexibility. Always try to pick up a shock pump that has enough flexible head. So that you can rotate the head during connects with the shock valve. The first quality pump head can rotate up to 360 degrees.

Bleed valve:

It is good to remain a bleed valve option in your shock pump. Because it reduces the additional air from the shock. As a result, the excitement is getting rid of the over air pressure. So, try to select a pump with a bleeder valve.


The material stands for the strength and durability of the shock pump. We tested on different equipment and found the aluminum is best for shock construction. As well, it is adjustable for lightweight. We suggest to avoid glossy material and depend on stable material.

The Necessity Of Shock Pump For Mountain Bike

Mountain riding is quite different from regular off-road or trail rides. In the maximum case, riders will face a problem with their bike suspension. That means you have to deal with a lot of bumps. Most of the time, it will happen while traveling up and down the mountain—the matter of the fact that a general pump cannot adjust with this type of pressure. For keeping a fine-tuning suspension of your bike, a shock pump is very needed.

  • Ensuring Adequate pressure for your Mountain bike
  • To hold the mountain bike proper suspension
  • It Will help you ride comfortably and safely
  • It will save you from the rock bumps

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the difference between Analog and digital shock pump?

The digital pump comes with a display that shows you the pumping score and psi score. I come with a little bit more weight and a few additional monies. But maximum digital shock pump producing companies claim that their pump gives the most accurate result. Good to know, it needs a battery to operate this pump. On the other hand, Analog is easier to use. You will get an accurate result in the analog pump; it is lightweight too. Luckily, you don’t need a battery for it.

Can I carry the shock pump outside of the home?

Yes! You can carry the shock pump outside of the home whatever you want. Because most of the shock pump, including digital Analog, comes with super lightweight, portable quality.

What is the construction material of a shock pump?

Generally, the shock pumps are made from the CNC aluminum material because it offers most durability over after years.

Final Words

We have listed out the top notch’s Best mountain bike shock pump for your next mountain journey. Each of the noted product is tested in our lab as our experiment on cycling products. That’s why you can pick up one from them. But we suggest to analysis a bit on the buying guide. It will mostly help you to get the best shock pump.

As a shock pump ensure durability, security, and comfortability respectively so you should consider the best things before buying this. However, if you know anything about the shock pump, then ask us. We will update this content for your needs.

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