7 Best Single Speed Wheelsets

Ready-built wheelsets have a high demand among bicycle users. The best single speed wheelset works most efficiently to hold the tires. Besides, it can also withstand all the coming stress of a bicycle.

The single-speed wheelset has been deliberately designed. Hence, a ready-made wheelset comes with the ability to perfectly match the default wheels.

Are you looking for the best single speed bicycle wheelset? Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Because today we will introduce you to the top seven best single speed wheelsets.

Then why is it late? Let’s get to know the main attraction of our collection.

A Quick Glance at Our Favourites

Retrospec Mantra Wheelset
Retrospec Mantra Wheelset
  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: ‎3 Pounds
  • Bike Type: Track Bike, Road Bike
Sunrise Bike Wheelset
Sunrise Bike Wheelset
  • Material: Fiber
  • Color: No logos
  • Weight: ‎1600 Grams
  • Size: 700C
  • Bike Type: Road Bike
Aeromax Alloy Wheelset
Aeromax Alloy Wheelset
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: ‎‎7 Pounds
  • Bike Type: Road Bike, Mountain Bike

Best Single Speed Wheelset 700c Review

You are a fortunate person to have this excellent guide. You can’t even think about how much we have been analyzing and researching before making this guide. And that’s why you can rely on this review. We have come out from the traditional consideration and focus on technological features.

1. Retrospec Mantra Wheelset

Retrospec Harper Plus Single Speed Wheelset - Lightweight 700 x 32c Commuter Tires - Stainless Steel Spokes & Rear Flip-Flop Hubs - Fixie Wheel Set with Double Wall Rims - Black

Main Features:

  • A great wheelset comes with Kenda Kwest Tires.
  • The tire is best for larger water desperation.
  • It comes with two individual hubs for the front and backside.
  • Very lightweight wheelset good performer for a road bike and commuter bike.
  • It has a single-speed and is suitable for fixed gear.

This wheelset offers one of the most popular single-speed road bike wheels in recent times. Luckily, you are getting Kenda Kwest tires with it. At the same time, you will want to take this as its best performance and worthy features. It has mainly designed for commuters, road bikes, and track bikes.

Mantra offers you a lightweight 43-millimeter Alloy. Similarly, you are getting a double-wall V rim, which comes with a convenient breaking surface feature.

The bearing hubs are flange sealed by which you can ride smoothly. Besides, it doesn’t need maintenance hassle. Moreover, a flip-flop hub is included in the black wheel to stop your riding or start again.

The outside width of this wheelset is 21 mm, and the inner side width is 14 mm. Then each wheel is 3 pounds weight. So, you are getting pounds of pressure for a wheelset. Another good thing is that it is getting up to five colors.

2. Sunrise Bike Wheelset

SunRise Bike 25mm U-Shape Wheel 50mm Carbon Fiber Bike Wheelset 700c Clincher

Main Features:

  • The best carbon wheelset which has good enough features
  • Appropriate carbon clincher of 700×0 mm
  • The braking surface is of basalt rock which ensures more safety
  • It allows 120 kg rider weight and 125 Psi tire pressure

Sunrise bicycles offer you a fascinating carbon fiber wheelset. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. It provides advantages highly at an affordable price.

Most importantly, the manufacturing brand makes it with additional care. You can use these wheelsets for replacement wheels or change the complete wheelset.

It comes with the right and suitable rim which size is 700 x50mm clincher. And the edge finishes 3K matte color. Where 3K refers to the 3,000 filaments per two, it is good enough for a wheel. Also, good to know the rim depth is 50 mm and the width is 25 mm.

The braking surface is a vital subject in the bike wheel. In this case, the sunrise wheelset offers a Basalt Braking Surface. Basalt has extraordinary power to thermal dissipation, which you are getting in this sunrise carbon braking surface.

Moreover, this wheelset has an excellent spoked which works to suspend the hub. As a result, you will get more excited riding with your bike wheel because it preloads the rim with compressive stress. The weight of this set is 8.2 pounds.

3. Aeromax Alloy Wheelset

Aeromax Alloy Wheelset Road Bike Comp 700c Wheels

Main Features:

  • A fast-growing popular hand-built wheelset
  • It comes with a unique design and maximum benefits
  • Offering efficient ball bearing hubs and rim stripe

If you are fond of hand-built products with a luxurious design, then Aeromax should be your first choice. First of all, you will impress to see its unique design which is entirely different from other wheelsets. Besides, the manufacturer produced it with lots of excellent characteristics for most user comfort.

Aeromax Alloy is having of Vuelta Ball Bearing hubs and stripe trim. That’s why statistics say that the rim stripe is tested for durability. And the Vuelta bearing is serviceable. Then, 700 clincher wheels are hand-built and stressed three times. It is best for a city tour, regular commuting, or racing. You will like the double-wall alloy rim and sidewall satin mechanism.

You will get this within two tire widths. The available tire width is 700 x 18 and 700 x 42 mm. Good to know the outer rim size is 20 mm. And the outer rim width is 13.7 mm.

We think it is essential to know the height is 29.3 mm. Due to the individual wheel weight, you will enjoy more secure rides. However, the front weight is 1020 gm, and the rear weight is 1190 gm.

4. Sta Tru Quick Release Wheelset

Sta Tru Quick Release Silver ST735 36H Rim Front Wheel (700X35)

Main Features:

  • Best quick-release wheelset with highly technological benefits
  • It comes with a complete silver color hub, spokes, and silver rims.
  • An overall best wheelset can suitably use for any riding

We have come here to introduce you to another attractive mountain bike wheelset. Which has Quick Release features. To be honest, Sta Tru has all advantages which a rider can wish to get.

All of its essential parts are made from high-quality silver. As a result, it is so glossy to look at. Most importantly, you can easily use this wheel for one decade.

Let’s know about the unique features of this selected best wheelset. First of all, we love the simple construction. Because it has made from developed silver, besides, it has certification for durability tests. You don’t need to think more about maintenance.

Hence, we notice on the rim of 36 h. Two more things have fascinated us. These are the quick-release axle feature and the loose-bearing hub. Most notably, the 700c single speed rear wheel is a great option for steep terrain.

When it comes to the measurement, then we must say that it comes with the ideal dimension. We have found the full size is 25 x 4.6 x 25 inches where the weight is 2.2 pounds for each specific wheel.

5. State Bicycle Fixed Gear Wheelset

SUPERTEAM 88mm Carbon Clincher Fixed Gear Bike Wheelset 23mm Single Speed Wheel

Main Features:

  • An incomparable wheelset comes with a flip-flop hub for fixed and freewheel gear.
  • It has a durable rim with a lightweight feature
  • The construction material is Developed steel frame and nylon stripe

It is a new great addition to the list of top wheelsets. It comes with 700 clinchers which can make the fixed gear bike more efficient. Then because of its flip-flop rear hub, you can use it for both single-speed and freewheel.

As an added benefit, you get 16 fixed cogs and a lock ring. Another great thing is that you will find a pair of nylon rim strips with this wheelset. There is no longer a good strip of nylon to prevent wheel re-tearing.

The spokes size is 270 mm, and the material is 14g steel. As well Spacing is 100mm for the front wheel and 1mm for the rear wheel. The size of the rim is 700 c which has 40 mm depth, where the weight is 2 lbs for the front and 3 lbs for the rear.

We prefer the 700-clincher single speed to the 700c fixed gear wheelset. Besides, we got 32.5 x 26 x 8 inches dimensions and pounds total weight for this wheelset. You will get the red color and Golds black mixed color in this model.

6. Vuelta ZeroLite Track

Vuelta ZeroLite Road Comp Wheel Set, 700c

Main Features:

  • The hand-built wheelset comes with fascinating features
  • It has highly developed rims, hubs, and spokes
  • Durable construction with nylon stripes

Do you love to use a hand-built bike wheel? There is good news for those who like hand-built wheels. Because Vuelta ZeroLite Track is a worthy choice for you. Although it is a 700C wheelset.

But it has much more advantages than another wheelset. Hence, it is considered a track wheelset. We love most the compatibility. Vuelta zero is best suitable with the freewheel, fixed gear, and single speed.

Come the rims; these are coming with a 30mm profile where the sides are CNC included. You will find the black color presto valve. Which is made from c4 steel and the size is round.

It has three lacings at the front and rear. Besides, the 16T gear cog and rim stripe enrich this wheelset.

The total weight of this wheelset is 9.4 pounds. All of the small parts, including this wheel, are high quality. Besides, the 2 mm spokes are efficient to compress the pressure into the rim.

The weight of the front wheel is 1007g, and the rear wheel’s weight is 1144g. At the same time, this wheel has very efficient ball bearings.

7. Shimano Road Bike Wheel Set Mavic

ELITEWHEELS Carbon Wheelset 700c Rim Brake 35mm Tubeless Compatible Clincher Road Bike Wheels 28mm Width

Main Features:

  • An attractive road bike wheelset with 700 c Alloy boxed rims
  • Individual rear hub size allows the 8,9 and 10 speed
  • Comes with high-quality stainless-steel spokes
  • Free 700c x 28 continental tire tubes
  • Easier serviceable ball bearing

Shimano Road bike wheelset increases the consumer belief much more in ready-built wheels. Because it comes with some qualifications that will make you pleased with the wheelset.

Luckily, you are getting two continental tires with this set. Which is free of cost? And the price is so beautiful that everyone can afford it.

Its rim is different from the other wheelset rim. It offers CXP 22 rim edge. Which has joined to the rim ejection to ensure a practical graphic approach?

However, this wheelset is also a worthy one in terms of advanced technology. First of all, this wheelset comes with two special controlling powers. These are UB control and USINE control.

Hence, this wheelset adds useful quality braking surface features. Which will reduce the friction and remove the shuddering?

Let’s come to the hub context this time because hubs are so crucial on a wheel. The front center is 105 HB-R7000, and the rear hub is 105 FH-R7000. And there are 32 holes in each center. Most importantly, it is adjustable with 8, 9, and 10 speeds.

Besides, it is providing a serviceable ball bearing. As a result, you don’t need to think about hard maintenance.

What to Look for in for Best Single Speed Wheels

Are you tensed still now to select the best wheelset? We have made an in-depth guide for you. There have some secret tricks to find out the best single speed bicycle wheels. We focus on the overall aspects of the ready-made wheelset.

Gear Ratio:

For single speed, the gear ratio should be 2:1. So, the most user wants to pick up a unique speed wheelset with that ratio. Do note that it is related to the gear combo of the chainring.

The expert rider said that the front gear should have double teeth cog than the back gear. The right gear ratio ensures bike efficiency. In general, the gear ratio has a lot of effect on your bike wheel. So, we suggest checking the gear ratio before buying a wheelset.

Wheelset weight:

We would say to check or make sure about the wheelset weight before buying. Always keep in mind that the lightweight single or lightweight fixie wheels are best comfortable for riding.

But, most of the time, lightweight wheels are made from high-quality materials. As a result, you may expense a little more additional money. If the wheelset will be heavier, then a rider can’t ride on the steep terrain.

As well as, you have to face problems to increase speed. That’s why lightweight is the first consideration for the wheelset.

Suitable customization:

Owning a sing speed or fixed-gear bike can be more enjoyable, depending on the customization. It mainly depends on your demand and the physical and mental condition you have. The wheelset is one of the significant parts of a bike.

So, you need to manipulate it as per your preference. For instance, you can consider the spokes lacing and wheel building. In this case, you need to be conscious before buying a wheelset.

Types of wheel:

There are usually three types of bikes available. These are respectively the shallow, mid, and deep sections. We recommend picking up the superficial types if you are a beginner. On the other hand, you must have to pick up the deep wheel for a racing game.

Rim material:

Fixie or single speed whatever you will pick you need to adjust the weight of your bike. For this, carbon and aluminum are significant for all time. So, you should try to select a lightweight rim.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Fixie Wheelset vs Single Speed. What is the best?

We sincerely believe now you can pick the best single speed wheelset. You can pick it up from the above list. Because all of the wheelsets have been selected as per the best features and qualities.
But we think you need to analyze a bit on each of the products. If you are still confused about choosing, then you can check out the buying guide. We have mentioned there some crucial factors. Have you any suggestions for this content? Let us know; we will elaborate on this content for you.

Do I Need to Buy A complete Wheelset?

No. It is not mandatory all the time. Because a lot of times you may want to turn a Vintage bike into a single-speed bike. But then you don’t need to buy your whole wheelset. It will save you some money.

What is the best single speed gear ratio?

The best single speed gear ratio is 2:1. Also, it has included a 32T chainring and a 16T cog. The gear ratio has mainly designed for the rider’s needs as well as it depends on the riding areas.

Final Words

We sincerely believe now you can pick the Best single speed wheelset. You can pick it up from the above list. Because all of the wheelsets have been selected as per the best features and qualities. But we think you need to analyze a bit on each of the products.

If you are still confused to choose, then you can check out the buying guide. We have mentioned there some crucial factors. Have you any suggestions for this content? Let us know; we will elaborate on this content for you.

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