Best Bike For Wheelies (2020 Edition) | The Beginners Buying Guide

Wheelie is a unique skill for cyclist enthusiasts. Besides, a wheelie is a great option to go around the town and having fun sports too. It is such a process which can take a lot of time to make you an expert. But for this, you have to select the best bike for wheelies.

The unique feature of these bicycles is that they can move the front wheel upwards wholly. And the back wheel is remaining on the road.

The funny thing is you can only ride regularly with the rear wheel. It happens because of the proper torque and motion of a rider.

Luckily, these bikes will save your fuel cost. Also, it will increase your physical fitness. We recommend staying careful about the strength and weight-bearing power of the wheelie bike. For your convenience, we have figured out the top seven best bikes for wheelies.

We have been working in a multinational cycle producing company. So, we have to do research regularly on several categories of the bike, including wheelie. Notably, American young people would live to get the best bike to learn wheelie skill. Getting the best bike for wheelies will be an easier task after reading this guide.

1. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Main Features:

  • A mountain bike for all outdoor adventures including wheelie mechanism
  • Comes with 21 inches speed, 26 inches wheel and 17 inches frame size
  • It has an efficient fork suspension and TZ-31 rear derailleur to climb on the uphill or downhill
  • The hand brake system allows a rider to instant safe brake
  • It has included a kickstand and high-quality padded system

Huffy hardtail is a trendy wheelie mountain bike. It comes from Huffy, an organization that has gained a reputation for three centuries. The combination of modern contemporary style and developed flare has been applied in this attractive bike.

Luckily, this bike will allow you to ride around the city as well as the down trail. At the same time, its blue denim frame and 21 speed are best for all hard trails and outdoor adventures. Most importantly, this is an excellent cycle for increasing the wheelie skill within a short time.

Hardtail wheelie is perfect for the 13 years teenager or older than 13 years old. And it supports the maximum five feet rider’s height. You can enjoy the smoothest ride because of the first suspension fork, which can reduce the additional bumps and dips.

We got this worthy bike with 42.7 pounds weight. The handlebar is a mountain type. Even though the color of this model is denim blue but you will get available up to four more colors in this same design. And the construction material is steel. Besides, it comes with a proper wheel and frame size. The wheel size is 26 inches, and the frame size is 17inches. Overall, it is the best mountain bike to wheelie.

  • Very less assemble time is only 20 minutes
  • It comes with all necessary installation tools
  • Available several color option
  • Comparatively lightweight and faster
  • The gear system is comparatively little bit poor

2. X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

Main Features:

  • The best gaming cycle for kids and teenagers with a unique style
  • It comes with front and rear pegs as well as steel fork and kickstand
  • Best performer for downhill riding and casual riding
  • It can hold 200 lbs. weight together
  • Arrives in the market to keep in mind the child’s safety

For a child’s recreation, this bicycle is a great offer which rarely found. It is incredibly colorful and much lovable to the girl kids. It would be better when you need an extensive stylish model with a lot of benefits.

Although, this FS20 freestyle arrives as a gaming cycle for kids. But it has multiple advantages of casual use. Luckily, the teenagers can comfortably use it as well as the eight years old kid. It is more popular because of the wheelie features. Generally, growing kids are fond of practicing this type of skill. So, it is excellent for those.

The most noteworthy matter is that it ensures the highest secure riding for your child. We notice it is highly sturdy because of the welded steel construction. At the same time, the fork is powerful enough to provide a smoother ride. Besides, this is a best option for wheelies and a perfect match for boys and girls.

Now come to specification, the bike dimension is 49 x 23 x 7 inches and weight is less than another casual bike for kids. Its weight is only 3 pounds. Then the wheel size is 20″ with alloy brake method. Mostly, you will be glad to see the purple and pink combined hue where the black wheel is adding more beauty

  • Good for kids gaming purpose
  • Unisex style and hue suitable for boys and girls
  • Lightweight bicycle with the excellent blending of violet and pink
  • Available only one hue
  • Installation time is more than another bike

3. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Main Features:

  • An ideal wheelie bike for adults with modern amenities
  • Comes with a 20″-wheel, 20″ x 2. 3″ tires and l40’s drivetrain power
  • Capable of meeting with any rough trails, slopped trails and wellie condition
  • An appropriate U brake is powerful to speed control

Mongoose Legion is an ideal BMX bike for both beginners and skilled readers. It is the best gift of forty years of well-known brand mongoose. Because of the aggressive features, it is always ready to meet any demand of riders. There is no best alternative to overcome dirt and sloped roads.

You can travel anywhere with it from the more massive mountain to the rough and slopped trails. Because Mongoose always promises sustainable products. Another unique feature of Mongoose has a high-tensile frame for long-lasting use. At the same time, we noticed that this excellent bike works wonderfully for wheelie game. It is unique due to the BB shell and 20. Inches length tube.

Good to remember that, it allows the rider height from feet to the five feet six inches. Removable mount brakes, two chainrings and 36 H rim will provide you additional benefits. Also, the aluminum brake with lever is helpful enough to control the speed.

Both its wheel frames are made of high-quality steel. And the weight is much less, just 34.5 pounds. The top lube length is 21 mm with 3/8 inches axle front design for the girls. Size of the tires is 20″ x 2. 3″ where the 9T rear hub includes it. The standover height and chain length are also convenient to use. We notice the stand over height is, and the chain length is 348 mm.

  • An ideal unisex model for adults
  • Particular convenient for the beginners
  • It offers multiple color and size
  • Some customer grievances about the faulty handlebar

4. Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Main Features:

  • The best racing bike for adults best suitable for wheelie practice
  • Comes with giant aluminum wheel and contemporary style
  • The wheel size is 24″, 21.77″ top tube length, and 17 mm tubular length
  • The 18T rear hub and alloy v brake is good enough to control the brake
  • It has a notable steering performance over after years

Are you looking for the best bike for wheelies or racing? Then this BK of Mongoose will be better for you. It is specially designed for the racing lover but also used as a casual rider. And the beginner is enjoying more facilities from this bike.

Considering all construction qualities and functional facilities, it is a great model. We believe this bike is praiseworthy for several unique features. Luckily, its price is much less than another racing bike. Those who prefer the big wheel can also think about it. Because larger motors always provide more durability and stability on the way. Besides, it is useful when you will go for sloped trails or wheelie practice. 

Moreover, this worthy bike comes with a 175 mm tubular crank which also includes a 42T chainring and bracket under the bottom. Besides, the alloy v brake supports you to control the speed in any emergency case. 

This model is getting in two attractive colors, red and black. You don’t need to think more about the weight because it comes with only 33 pounds in weight, which is very suitable for riding on the trails and retaining wheelie torque. A rider of 5-3″ to 5-8″ can use this bike with comfort.

  • It supports maximum rider height
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Stylish design and efficient features
  • The seat is not so much comfortable

5. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Boys Freestyle Bike

Main Features:

  • It is the best gaming bike for boys with ProMax rear brake and 24 inches tires with alloy rims
  • The alloy thread handlebar provides high strength and effectiveness
  • A saddle seat with clamp
  • It allows up to 12 years rider and 27 lbs. weight

Dynacraft Tony Hawk is an excellent choice for teenagers above twelve years of age. It is designed to think about the boy’s rider, but girls are using this with the same peace. The giant wheel and lightweight are its main features.

It comes mainly as a gamer bike. We believe that it is admirable for stoked design and quality. Hence, the 24 inches larger wheel works to keep retaining the rider balance. At the same time, the U brake will save the rider’s body from several injuries. Despite being less weight, it can hold up to 27 lbs. Weight. As well as the wheelie fun game becomes comfortable with it.

The bright green color handlebar grip, comfortable seat and giant black wheel make this bike smarter to look. You will get an adjustable alloy clamp with the place to quickly raise and lower the seat.

When it comes to the overall measurement, this model arrives with 7. 25″ x 24″—5 x 51. 5″ dimension and 37 pounds weight. The body frame color is matte black with light green handlebar grip. And the steel frame will give you the benefit of long-lasting use.

  • Quality product with limited price
  • Simple, smart design with lightweight feature
  • Very sturdy to use over after years
  • Some customers did not like the braking system

6. Redline Bikes MX BMX Race Bike

Main Features:

  • A new updated racing bike with versatile facilities
  • It can meet with almost all problematic trails and operate with an ideal speed
  • It is most durable and robust because of three-piece crank
  • Redline Bikes MX BMX Has 20 x 1 1/8 inches tires size
  • Including comfortable pedals with this bike

We came up with another excellent option for the racing bike. It is an updated version of the racing bike as well as perform best for the wheelie game. The specialty that it comes with different size, color and price range. So, you can choose according to your demand. 

Most of the time, this BMX is used for the racing game. But it can operate you around the city. Because of the giant wheel, you can use it with maximum safety. Generally, the more giant-size wheel keeps the rider safe from unexpected risk. Most importantly, this bike reduces the rider’s stress much.

We liked more the three-piece crank features because the 3-piece crank is far better than a one-piece crank. Good to know each of the cranks is made from different materials. And the size of the crank is 155 mm. Also, it arrives with a pair of pedals. So, you have no any hachement to buy new things. 

The wheel size of this specific one is 24 inches. Luckily, you will get the smaller wheel size too. We are discussing the black, grey bike. If you want, you can choose another preferable one. The frame materials are high strength stainless steel. You would better to think about this.

  • Multiple color choosing option
  • Available several quantity and color
  • No complaints have been received from customers yet

7. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids

Main Features:

  • An all rounder bike for a newbie to expert and child’s to adults
  • Comes with stainless steel body and frame
  • Providing 16-20 size meg aluminum wheel and 25x9T gearing
  • Offers a cable detangler to ensure 360-degree handlebar spin
  • The alloy U brake ensure a safe stopping

We would love to introduce you to such a fantastic bike for wheelies. Which is the best bike considering all amenities. Mongoose has made this bike to keep in mind the benefits of all age’s rider. No matter, if you are a child, teenager or adult person because it comes with such beautiful features and verifies that anybody can use this.

This model is designed to express your talents fully. It’s a freestyle to be able to face another kind of outdoor adventures. The gearing measurement is 40x16t with a two-piece steel crank.

Because of the 170 mm crank size, you will enjoy a smoother ride. It’s better in the case of this model; Mongoose has paid more attention to the fork and frame so that you can enjoy a more responsive and secure ride.

Hence, it has U brakes for a safety stop. Aluminum mag wheel brings the sealed bearing which allows 360-degree spin for the handlebar. Handlebar size is 7.75″. However, it is best for all of the dirt and har trails.

In the specification, the top tube length is 519 and chainring length is 365, and the stand over height is 565 mm. Essential to know that this bike allows the rider height from 4’8 inches to 5’4 inches. The matter of glad that this best bicycle for wheelies is available up to seven deep color.

  • Easy assembling method
  • Best quality brake and handlebar
  • Available maximum wheel size and color
  • A fewer customer feel problem to use the bearing

How To Choose The Best Bike For Wheelies - The Buying Guide

As a result of our consistent research, we have noted some magical factors to consider before buying the best bike for wheelies. To get the best bike, you need to give priorities on some specific functional features. Although there are several technical features with each bike. But if you can follow the below rules, you will gain the perfect bike. 

Frame construction:

The frame is the middle part or key connector among the two wheels, seat and handlebar. For this reason, frame construction material is so important subject. The frame is generally made from hi-ten steel, titanium, carbon and aluminum. Many experts claim that all of the above articles are the best bike to do wheelie. But aluminum and steel are used in the maximum bike frame. Because both of these are good enough. At the same time best durable for over after years.

Besides, the aluminum is a transcendent metal which is consistently lightweight and durable. On the other hand, the steel frame is comparatively affordable than aluminum. But it is durable and comfortable too as like aluminum. At the same time, you can go with carbon or titanium material if you have an additional budget.


The suspension is a new mandatory demand of a cyclist or rider. Because it can help a rider to ride on any trails. Then it allows a passenger to travel on PS or downhill. Primarily, a bike with full suspension can ensure a safe journey for you. Most importantly, some passengers tried to ride without suspension, but they have faced several risks. So, we think that you should choose a bike with perfect suspension.

Bike rims or brake types:

In the previous time, people didn’t much care about the bike braking system. But fortunately, riders are getting attention to this factor. And most of the bikes come with developed brake systems now.

When it comes to the brake, we would say about two types of brakes. One disk another is rimmed. The disc is related to the mechanical or hydraulic matter. On the other hand, rimes have relation to the V brake and linear-pull. Rims are working for reducing the bike speed to stop it properly. But it has some inconvenience too.

For example, it can reduce the gripping power where the disk has no possibilities of gripping problems. However, we recommend choosing the disk brake bike for the trails and wheelie method.


Keep in mind that wheelie or mountain bike should have the most reliable wheels. And we suggest thinking off-road wheels for this type of travel. Most of the case, the wheel stability depends on the rider’s weight and riding type. You will get different sizes of the wheel in the market for 16 inches to the 24 inches. So, choose the wheel size as per your riding type or preference. As well as take care on the pedals. Because a pedal bike wheelie should be your first choice.


You need to know that handlebars are usually of two types. One is flat, and another is the riser. Flat handlebar includes as per the frame design. The riders of long-distance love to use the flat handlebar. At the same time, the riser handlebar is so much comfortable to use. So, you can pick up any kind of handlebar from the above.


The seat is a crucial considering factor. You must need to take a rest on the bike seat for a while. And it is mandatory for the position to be comfortable. In the case of the place, try to pick a medium size of the chair. Because the over fuller seat won’t be suitable for wheelie or mountain trails. Similarly, the extreme narrow place is not right for you.

Suitable Bicycle Type For Wheelies

We found four types of wheelie bikes for sale. But, what should you take? We would say to think about your riding places first. Because there are road bikes, mountain bike cyclocross and endurance bikes. Where the road bike is good for the pavement ride, then the mountain bikes are designed for the rough trails, pavement and terrains.

Road bike:

Road bikes are lightweight and the best bike to learn to wheelie. Besides, these are good for the racing game because of the simple design and turning quality.

Mountain bike:

It is another easiest bike to wheelie which can absorb the maximum shock. Besides the excellent braking system also includes in its features. Moreover, it can handle extremely rough terrain and trails.


Cyclocross comes as a super sturdy bike which can help you to ride or wheelie practice on the grass, dirt trail, hills and extreme lousy condition.

Endurance bike:

Endurance is a quality bike for more comfortable riding. As well as it is best for wheelies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequent Questions & Answers

1. What is the importance of a suspension in a bike?

Suspension plays a crucial role when you ride on the tight or rough terrain. Similarly, proper suspension is helpful for wheelie biking. Generally, there is an extreme level of pressure when a rider rides on the tight areas. In this case, a suspension bike can absorb the impact of overpressure. Meanwhile, in the wheelie time, the whole pressure has gone to the back wheel. In this case, the suspension has worked to reduce the impact and keep you safe.

2. Do wheelies damage your mountain bike?

The damaging of the bike doesn’t depend on the wheelies game. Primarily, your bike might be damaged because of the low-quality frame materials and wheels. At the same time, the low building of disc brake and rims are responsible for destroying the bike. So, don’t be tensed about the wheelies being damaged.

3. Are wheelies safe?

The straightforward answer is yes! Bicycle wheelie is safe for you. But there are some rules and regulations to stay safe. First of all, you should not cross your riding limit during wheelie practice. Most importantly, you can never go to the public highway for wheelie practice. If you do so, the respective police can catch you and may charge you because of the rule breaks.

4. Are power wheelies bad?

No, but you need to be conscious about it. For this, you should learn the midair brake and always far away from the excess loop on the backward. If you want to do a smoother wheelie, then it is good to do gradually. Don’t slam the front wheel much. It will help to keep your bike safe.

Final Words

If you want to be the best in wheelies performance, then we recommend learning about the best bike for wheelies. We have discussed all the wheelies bikes, including the top seven best bikes. For picking up the best wheelies bike, you need to analyze each product description with highlighted features.

Moreover, we have tried to pick up to you the best budget bike for wheelies in the market. As a result, you have not thought about the price although there is a complete buying guide for you which helps you to find the right bike.

Yet we would love to remember you again the best considering things—the most critical factors you need to take priorities on the excellent quality tires, frame and handlebar.

Moreover, the weight, derailleur and suspension are also essential to consider. If you can select all of these factors together, you will find success soon. We enlisted the above review with the good wheelie bikes with all of these combinations. So, you can check out the list again. We believe you will get your preferable wheelies bike.

If you have any more questions just let us know in the comment box. We will update this content so that you may benefit.

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