How to Ride a Wheelie on a Mountain Bike | Tips For Beginners

As a bike enthusiast, you may want to know how to ride a wheelie on a mountain bike. Mountain bike is perfect for practicing and riding a wheelie because of having several gears. That’s the reason why I recommend you to use a mountain bike.

Mountain bike is trendy among teens, and they love to do many stunts with their bikes. The wheelie is one of them. But, not everyone is an expert in riding a wheelie. Many of the rising bikers want to perform wheelie like a pro.

Today, in this article, I will share some tips and tricks about doing a wheelie on an MTB for those beginner guys. You will also get some safety tips for riding a wheelie. So let’s start!

How to Wheelie on a Mountain Bike

Before knowing how to wheelie a mountain bike, you should know about the mountain bike. A mountain bike has high-quality suspension, which helps to ride a wheelie on it. Again, there are varieties of gear functions on a mountain bike. These gears will help to shift the speed.

You should know that a mountain bike comes with an excellent quality braking system. The braking system helps to do the best wheelie as there is a type of wheelie known as a back rear wheelie. Ok, there are two types of wheelie that you can perform by mountain bike. They are-

  • Front Wheel Wheelie
  • Rear Wheel Wheelie

How to Do Front Wheel Wheelie?

how to wheelie for beginners

Now you will know about the front wheel wheelie, which is a bit difficult than the back wheel wheelie. To perform this wheelie, you need to wear your helmet and safety equipment first. After that, you are ready to follow the followings-

  • Now, you need to adjust your seat-post for touching the ground. It will help you to control gravity and balance.
  • You need to set the gear as low position and rolling for the gear speed.
  • At this time, you need to crouch your upper part of the body to gain the initial momentum. 
  • Your weight of the body needs to fall upon the handlebars.
  • Now, it’s time to set the crank position like 11.00.
  • You need to paddle down and pull up the two handlebars simultaneously so that you can have the initial start-up.
  • The immediate lean back will help you raise the front wheel and now it’s time to stabilize the wheel and your position.
  • Put your finger on the rear brake and another hand on the gear so that you can stop the rear wheel for the first attempt.
  • Now, it’s time to control the vertical balance and horizontal balance by holding your front wheel up from the ground.
  • The rear brake will help you to hold your bike in that position from where you can start the front wheelie.

However, it would help if you had lots of practice to master this skill. In the beginning, you can perform like a pro, but after indolence practice, you can earn a master on this skill.

How to Do Rear Wheel Wheelie?

This is an easy wheelie compare to the front wheelie. Here, you need to pull up the back wheel for a certain time. So, if you want to do that, you should follow the followings-

  • Your bike’s braking system should be the best, and now you need to adjust your bike’s seat post.
  • The seat needs to be set in a low position.
  • Now you need to set the gear in medium speed.
  • After setting up the speed, you are ready and start biking in a long way for a certain time.
  • After that press, the front brake and lean down to the front so that the back/rear wheel goes up.
  • You need to balance your bike and body horizontally and vertically.
  • You are done with this type of wheelie.

I hope that you have known how to pop a wheelie on a bike. As mountain bikes are perfect for this kind of skill, you can gather the knowledge to be an expert.

Safety Issue

You should know that there are safety issues that you need to obey and know. First of all, you need to wear a helmet, which is very important to protect your head. For this, you need to choose the best helmet for you.

After that, you should wear a knee and elbow guard, which is also very important. As a wheelie is a dangerous stunt, you need to be careful about your body. Again it would help if you were very careful about the road condition.

The road should be very good and plain so that you can ride comfortably. Here, you need to note that the road should be straight enough to ride a wheelie on that.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the best mountain bike for wheelies?

As you know, a wheelie depends on the balancing of the bike. So you should select the best balancing bike for this skill. In this article, we are discussing some mountain bikes which are best for wheelies.

How can I make my bike wheelie better?

You should practice more and more so that you get the best output. Using good mountain bikes for wheelies will increase your skill.

What gear is the best for wheelies?

Wheelies are cool stunts for bicycle and motorbike and bicycle enthusiasts. However, some people will take a lifetime before doing their first wheelie.It is easy to do a wheelie when you are going slowly. You need to set low gears between 1-1 and 1-3. Practicing in these gears, you will become a pro wheelie in no time.

Is popping wheelies illegal?

Popping wheelies is also referred to as stunts. Most motorists do wheelies to showcase their prowess. However, popping wheelies is unsafe, and you stand a high chance of getting in an accident. Due to the risks involved, doing a wheelie in some states in the USA is illegal, and it may attract a penalty. The offense can attract a fine as low as $100 to $2500 plus up to six months or a year in jail.

Additional Tips

As you know how to ride a wheelie, you should know about the additional tips to better your wheelie.

  • The lean position should be accurate for lifting the front-wheel.
  • You need not hold any bag package on your back while practicing.
  • Don’t practice on a wet road.

Bottom Line

Hey, I hope you have known all the information about How to Ride a Wheelie, and you are ready to practice it from today. Before starting, I will recommend you to wear safety equipment and practice slowly.

You can’t master the skill in one day, and you need to hold your patience. After practicing for a certain time, you will also be a pro in this section. I hope that one day you can master this amazing skill.

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