Can You Use Olive Oil on Bike Chain? – Experts Opinion

As you know, bike oiling is the most important part of a biker, and you should know how to do this and what oil you can use. You may be searching for the answer that can you use olive oil on the bike chain as found in every home. Again you may ask for you, can I use engine oil as chain lube?

So, there are many confusions related to lubricating your bike chain. You may find some bike chain oil alternatives also. Will that work? However, you should take an intensive look at your bike chain as it is one of the most essential parts of the bike. In this content, you will know about the lubricating method and the answer to your question. So, stay tuned to know more about bike chain lubricants.

Why You Should Oil Your Bike Chain

Measure your chain (or have your shop do it) a few times per year, and replace when it’s at 75-percent wear. To increase your bike chain’s life, you need to maintain it, and the best way to maintain the bike chain is to oil it perfectly.

But you should know that the oiling of a bike has some methods, and you should follow them to get the best feedback from your bike chain. You need to know the kinds of oils that you can use and the side effects also. Let’s jump into the method in short.

How to Oil a Bicycle?

This is an important part to follow before starting. There are namely six essential steps to follow indeed. They are-

  • The chain
  • Derailleur
  • Brake cables
  • Shifter levers
  • Brake assemblies
  • Pedals

First, you need to oil the chain to operate the chain by turning the wheels smoothly. After that, you should oil into the derailleur part. By the finish of the derailleur, you should go to the brake cables, and it is an essential task to do as somebody doesn’t mention to do. If you have a mountain bike, then you should oil the shifters as well.

Last of all, you need to oil the pedals and the pedals junctions. If you don’t lubricate the pedals, they will not move perfectly before, which will harm your bike chain.

Should I Use Olive Oil on Bike Chain?

Initially, the answer will be yes; you can use this oil on your bike chain. But there are some side effects of this oil. Olive oil has the property to keep away the rust from the iron made bike chain. On the other hand, the oil will attract dust particles towards the bike chain.

The main purpose of oiling the bike chain will be fulfilled, but on the contrary, it will make your bike chain dirtier. So, every day you need to wash your bike chain and need to oil it again. So, you will be recommended not to use it as your primary lubricant.

Best Oil for Bike Chain

There are many types that lubricate your bike chain smoothly. If you don’t know about them, you should see some of the best oils for the bike chain. Have a look at the list-

  1. White lightning clean ride
  2. Fenwick’s wet weather chain lubes
  3. Purple harry’s wet chain lube

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I use cooking oil on my bike chain?

Cooking oils are like olive oil, and they can be used as the bike chain lubricant for avoiding rust. But they will attract dust from the road in the dry weather, which is very much annoying. If you are running out of your regular lubes, you can use cooking oil as a secondary choice.

What should I oil on my bike?

As you know, there are two types of lubricants for both dry and wet weather. You should use the oil according to the weather demand as there is a difference between wet and dry lubes. Go for the best lubricating oils, and they will help your bike chain to gain some lifespan.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have known if can you use olive oil on a bike chain or not. If you are going to buy the bike chain oil, you should look for the weather first and then choose your bike’s best one. According to the expert, you should avoid wet places as much as possible because water is the primary influencer for getting rust on the iron or steel body.

You should avoid wet places, and if you are using olive oil or cooking oil, you will see dirt and dust on your chain, and they are making problems.

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