How To Use A Wrench Force Bike Pump?

Riding around on your bike might be the best feeling in the world. But if something in your bike doesn’t work properly, then you will not have the best experience, and let’s not forget to mention how scary it can be. This is especially true for your bike tires.

A common question among those who commute using their bikes is, how to use a wrench force bike pump? This is essentially a pump to fill the tires with air so the bike can be used again. 

If you want to know what you have to do, then keep on reading!

What Are the Different Valves and Pump Heads?

Before we learn how to use a bike pump, let’s talk about the different types of valves and pump heads you will find. Also, it is essential for you to know the kind of inner tubes your bike has before you can purchase a bike pump.

Bikes have two standard valves. One is Presta, and the other is Schrader. The former bike valve is common in various off-road bikes. These vales have threaded tips that can be opened when air is being pumped into the tires; they are also longer and thinner than Schrader.

The Schrader valves are similar to the ones found in cars; you will also see them most often in children’s bikes.

In some bikes, you might both types of bikes, so you might have to get a pump that works well with both types of valves. They are not very hard to find; the only problem might be that they would cost a bit more than the regular pumps.

What Are the Different Types of Bike Pumps?

There is more than one type of bike pump;each of them is useful for different reasons. 

Frame & Mini Pump

The first one on our list is the frame pump. This is what you would call an emergency pump. If you are on the way somewhere and get a flat tire, then this bike pump will come to your aid and help you get home safe and sound.

They are significantly smaller than the pumps most of us are used to seeing on TV or even in most stores.

Mini pumps are also very popular. Most people have them on their bikes. And the main reason behind this is emergency. You never know when you might get a flat tire. They are smaller than frame pumps and fit almost everywhere. 

Floor Pump

Now, floor pumps are probably what most of us are used to seeing. They are much faster and more efficient than the frame and mini-pumps. You would not have to stroke as many times with this as you would have to with other pumps.

With most floor pumps, you will get the option to access both types of valves. So, you will be able to use the same pump on different valves if your tire has more than one kind. The only issue with this is the size. You won’t be able to take this everywhere with you.

How To Use A Bike Pump?

Now that we know more about valves and bike pumps, I would say we are ready to learn how one would use the bike pump to pump air into tires.

The steps you need to take are:

  • Find and remove the dust cover

At first, you would want to look around your tires till you can find the dust cover. They are usually twisted on, so you have to untwist them.

  • Decide how much pressure is needed

When you have the cover open, you will want to check how much air pressure is needed in the tire. Squeeze to determine.

  • Attach the pump head to the valve

Make sure the pump is attached to the right valve.

  • Pump in the air

With up and down motion, pump air into the tires. This should be easy; make sure to check if you have pumped enough air in.

  • Remove pump head and screw the dust cap

When the tire has sufficient air pressure, you should remove the pump head and attach the dust cap back on.


The answer to how to use a wrench force bike pump is very easy, as you’ve found by now. If you have any confusion about the process, please feel free to ask me!

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