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Riding can become dangerous without proper safety. The first safety gear in cycling is a helmet. Giro helmet is a well-known brand for producing quality helmets. Giro reveals one of the best helmets of this brand.

First of all, giro revel comes with a quality build ads style. Secondly, it provides accessible functions. Most importantly, it ensures your safety and comfort. Besides, the giro helmet is loveable for a lower cost.

Today am discussing the best giro revel helmet review. You will learn all about the Giro helmet head protection. For example, the wondering features pros, cons, and buying guides. Let’s get started with us.

Giro Revel Helmet Review

Quick Specifications:

  • Materials: EPS inside & polycarbonate outside
  • Weight: 9.9 ounces
  • Vents number: 22
  • Color: WH/SIL 10 more color
  • Visor: Removable with 
  • Available size: only one (54-61)

Revel is a top notches bicycle helmet. It is fond of millions of riders. Because giro revel comes as a blessing to them, each of the revel helmet features is impressive. No matter where you look for style and quality, Revel will give you the best security. Whatever, let’s discover the manner the function of this great helmet.

At the very first, I would say about the best ventilation system. Then the complete helmet comes with the most compact style. Mainly, the proper ventilation and compacted design combination are praiseworthy as a matter of fact that it is compatible with all rides.

Hence, the construction is of mold. This robust mold frame increases the vents and rib’s durability. So, you can use the helmet for several years.

Besides, this mold circle build makes the helmet a one-piece gear. That’s why this helmet is lighter and more durable. Likewise, it provides good air circulation, which you won’t get into a traditional helmet.

Moreover, I am grateful for the EPS liner feature because it provides added power to the critical parts. As well, the polycarbonate shell is notably helpful for this helmet.

Hence, another great thing that has come with 22 vents. So, you will get excellent airflow. As a result, your brain will keep calm. Luckily, revel users can use the removable visor. Which is a super fit? This visor system provides safety for your eyes.

Overall, you can pick up this ideal helmet for saving against head injury. It is pretty good for all downtown rides, single track, and regular street riding. Do note that the Giro revel helmet is amazon best selling helmet.

Giro Bike Helmets Features:

  • Giro Revel is available at a reasonable wonder price.
  • It doesn’t compromise the quality.
  • The high-quality polycarbonate shell and ribs are durable.
  • It is designed with 22 superior ventilation ways.
  • Having the right removable visor part.
  • Giro comes with a back decal for perfect visibility.
  • The mold-side construction makes the ribs and vents more powerful.
  • Visor eye protectors save your eyes from rain, wind, and snow.
  • It has an Açu dial retention system, which allows you to use the helmet with one hand.
  • CPSP is certified for casual, recreational, and MTB riding.
  • Up to 10 colors and sizes are available.

Giro Revel Cycling Helmet Pros & Cons


  • Best adjustability with head size.
  • The external look is smart, and the internal build is durable.
  • Multiple crosses included the front edge.
  • Larger and enough vents to keep you cool.
  • Very lightweight bike helmet to wear all day long.
  • Detachable visor system.


  • There has no odor-removing system inside the helmet.
  • It may break with severe pressure.
  • It may not be appropriate for racing or competition.

Why Should You Choose the Giro Revel Helmet?

Most of the helmet of the giro series is pretty good to save you from brain injury. But I love most the giro revel helmet for my casual cycling. Because it has some fantastic features, here I will say about some social functions so that you can realize the uniqueness of the revel helmet. Most importantly, I will discuss the technical benefits of giro revel. 


I like most the vents number of this giro helmet. It comes with 22 vents, and also, they are larger enough. So, the air can pass through the helmet. As a result, you will always feel cold air in your head. I fell in love with Giro Level just by looking at these solvents. So, you can enjoy this too. 


Speaking of material, I will first talk about the inner EPS material. It is so soft and comfortable. Likewise, you can wash it regularly. 

Then the outside polycarbonate build is super durable. It can deal with the dangers of rugged roads. Besides, it will serve you for several years without any repair. Overall, I would say you will win if you take this revel giro helmet. 


The visor is the most critical considering things for each helmet. Because a bill will work great to protect your eyes. For example, it will provide safety from rain and intense wind. However, you may not always need to use a visor.

Luckily, you are getting a removable visor with giro revel. So, it provides the best eye protection. You can easily detach the bill whenever you don’t need to use it. 


Weight is another critical considering thing for a helmet. Because you have to keep it on your head, it is comfortable to use a light helmet. Besides, a lighter helmet is suitable for airflow. On the other hand, the more massive helmet is not ideal for the ride. So, you can consider this helmet a lightweight feature. 


Everyone has a budget before buying a product. In this case, you have to keep a minimum account for a quality helmet. I will say you are a genius that you have already known about the giro revel helmet. Because it offers the top notches of benefits at a small price. 

Who Should Choose a Giro Revel Helmet?

Generally, giro revel is pretty good for almost all rides. However, you need to know that it is not made for extreme-level rides. So, it would help if you chose it for several casual riding, especially for those who love to do regular exercise. Likewise, it is the best off-road bike helmet. You can use it for any off-road condition. Moreover, giro revel is quite a god for the MTB trails, and you can choose this MIPS helmet for any regular cycling program

Do note that Revel is not for those who have to make regular cycling competitions. And it is also not suitable for racing games or uphill roads. I suggest using this helmet for casual use. I am sure it will serve you for several years.

Giro Revel vs Giro Register

For your concern, the giro revel and giro register helmet are excellent models of the giro brand. These are versatile helmets. Good to know that bot helmets are pretty good in their quality, build, and features. However, there must have some comparison between these two helmets.

Giro Revel Giro Register
It comes with a rock lock support fit system. Register helmet doesn’t come with the rock lock retention.
You don’t need a unique adjustment system for Giro Revel helmet. You have to take care of the adjustment in this helmet.
Giro Revel is comparatively lighter. Giro Register is heavier than the revel helmet.
It is looking a bit of rounder in front of the helmet. It seems less round than the revel helmet.
The construction material is poly-carbonate. The construction material is mold poly-carbonate.
Giro Revel size is a little bit larger. Giro Register is tiny smaller in size than the Revel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How tight should my helmet feel?

In a word, your helmet should be a perfect fit. But how tight should it be? I am sharing my experience; your helmet should be comfortable on your head. Remember that a helmet never should be over-tightened. Overall, you wear a helmet with medium pulled pressure.

How heavy should my helmet feel?

After wearing this, you will feel that there is light pressure on your head. The heavier weight is not suitable for a helmet. Because heavier weight can create headaches, likewise, you will feel hot in your charge. So, your helmet should be light.

Which features do I need?

In the case of giro revel, you need to ensure the vents number is perfect. Likewise, you would notice the weight and build. Make sure the external surface is made of polycarbonate. As well as pick it up within lightweight.

Final Words

In this giro revel helmet review, I have covered the top to bottom of the giro revel helmet. Hopefully, you can gain all of your questions from this guide. If you have decided to buy a giro revel, I suggest reading the reason for choosing the revel helmet entirely. 

I can assure you that giro revel will make you happy. If you have any related questions, you can ask me. I love to answer your questions.

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