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Did you know that your bike will be shifting much more smoothly, and the brake performance will improve drastically if the cable is not under stress? Yes, that is a fact! So, if your bike is not performing as well as it should, then this could be the reason. Do not worry; there is a way to fix this. 

However, to do that, you might have to cut the cable housing in the first place. Though it might not be a straightforward task, we shall make you a master on how to cut brake cable housing. All you have to do is read all the way to the end o this article.

What is a Brake Cable Housing?

Well, it is called brake housing, and the name pretty much defines the functionality of the item. You see, a brake cable permits the bake to come to a halt. However, there has to something that will keep the cable in its position. And the task of the brake housing is to keep the cable in its place.

Conventionally, the item is constructed of one single wire wrapped around a plastic liner. Due to its ergonomics, it resists compression, which happens when you pull on the brake lever.

We have already stated that the brake cable works the best when the cable is not under stress, and by using this, you ensure that such a thing is prevented. Therefore, if we sum it all up, the brake cable housing prevents the cable from being pulled and also ensures that the wire stays in its intended position.

Now that we know all there is to know about the item let us move to the more important topic, how to cut it!

How to Cut A Brake Cable Housing?

Here is what you have been waiting for all this time. In this section, we will give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to do the task. Thus, let’s get started!

Step 1: Get the Right Tools

No matter whichever job you are doing, you would need the correct tool for doing it appropriately. And it is the same when you are cutting a brake cable housing. So, here are the tools that you would need for the task. Firstly, you need a snipping tool. Also, make sure that the cutter has the capability to hold the wire.

Next, you need a dental or a sharp and pointy utensil to pull out the wire from the liner. We had previously suggested that the wire is conventionally surrounded by plastic wrap, and if you want to do anything with it, then you would have to make sure that the wire is taken out.

Step 2: The Cutting

Now, the first thing that you are going to do is take adequate measurements of the housings. The wisest way of ensuring the right length is by placing them into the cable stops. They should fit perfectly; no excess or not falling short.

Then, rotate the handle on both sides to ensure no hindrance and allows full motion of the cycle handles.

Once you are done with that, cut the housing. By the way, before you are cutting the housing, make sure that you are doing this without the cable inside. You will initially be cutting the housing to the perfect length. After that, you will put the wire through.

So, once you are satisfied with all the measurements, take the cutting tool. In this case, we suggest that you get a cable cutter for the task. Slide the housing through the cutter, and snip to the point that is ideal for the cycle. Read our review on the bike cable cutter.

Step 3: Inserting the Cable

Since brake cables are generally made of coils, this is where you need that pointed dental accessory. With the help of that, you will ensure that the wire smoothly comes out of the housing. Anyways, before you can move to this step, you have to cut the housing.

Final Word

By now, you should know everything there is to know about this cutting brake cable housing. Not only that, our how to cut brake cable housing guide should provide you all the information regarding the topic. Hence, if you want to become a guru on cutting brake cable housing, then you have to come to the right spot.

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