Bell Super 3R MIPS Convertible Mountain Bike Review in 2023

Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike helmet is an excellent innovation of the bell brand. This helmet is a surprise for trail riders. Because they can enjoy versatile benefits from this helmet, that’s why this helmet becomes popular. If you are looking for the best helmet for the bike, then the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet review is a great assistance. 

How is this at the top of the crowd of thousands of helmets? What unique benefits will it give you? Today we will describe to you the details of this bike helmet. And I believe you will benefit from this guide. So, let’s get started with me. 

Bell Super 3R MIPS MTB Helmet

Quick Specification:

  • Color: 3 Options (Matte Black, Downdraft Matte Gray & Matte Blues)
  • Helmet Vents: 23
  • Brow ports: 4
  • Chin bar vents: 6
  • Weight: 1.73 pounds
  • Vehicle Type: Mountain Bike
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Size: 3 Options (Small – 52-56cm, Medium – 55-59 cm, Large – 58-62cm)

It is the best convertible bike helmet. Originally, bell 3r was made with all improved technology. First of all, All the fault has been reclaimed into this helmet. 

For example, it has equipped with MIPS technology. At the same time, the removable chin bar and full-face convertible feature ensure your safety. 

Good to know that this helmet is designed for mountain rides. So, this helmet is suitable for any jump and shake. However, it is also ideal for trail riding. 

Besides, it is suitable for proper ventilation. Likewise, the weight is comparatively less than other helmets. Most importantly, bell super DH is best for a clear visor.  

Overall, this is a fantastic gift for bike riders. I sincerely believe that it will win your heart.  

The Features of Bell Super 3R MIPS

1. Quick Fasteners

The fasteners are so quick to adjust with the straps. Likewise, It connects the straps of the helmet properly. And the fastener also keeps the straps parallel. As a result, the rider feels comfortable using it. 

2. Odor Preventing

The interior of this helmet is made of genuine silver fibers. As a result, it doesn’t get a bad smell. Because the silver thread can prevent foul odors, moreover, this material is also quick drying. So, you can easily wash it.  

3. MIPS System

Mips refers to multi-directional impact protection. For this, there is a slip-plane system inside the helmet. And the slip plane can prevent the rotational force. 

4. Removable Chin Bar

The demand for a removable chin bar helmet is much. Luckily, bell super 3r MIPS provides you with a removable chin bar. You may not always like a pin to keep the china bar attached. You can open it whenever you want. 

5. Overbrow Ventilation

Overbrow ventilation is an excellent feature of this bell 3r helmet. It is such a mechanism that keeps your head cool. Because there have some ventilation holes. And holes are engineered to suck the cold air. Similarly, it removes the hot air from inside the helmet.  

6. Adjustable Visor System

The helmet comes with a high-quality visor system. Because it can adjust the helmet glasses and Google. Besides, a continuous camera-mounted system comes with this helmet. So, this camera mount system will reduce your risk. Mostly, it is helpful for trail riding. 

Pros & Cons


  • You can quickly assemble this helmet in 3 steps.
  • Not required are any tools to assemble this helmet.
  • It is made from quick-drying material.
  • The inside silver fibers can prevent the lousy smell.
  • Well, ventilation system.
  • It provides the best visor.
  • It is a lightweight helmet.
  • Removable chin bar system.
  • Breakaway camera attaching system.


  • MIPS power is less than the DH helmet.
  • Not recommended for downhill riding.
  • It can create a problem with the sunglass frame.
  • You need additional space for storing the chin bar when not used.

Benefits of Bell Super 3R Adult Full-Face Bicycle Helmet

BELL Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet - Matte Blue/Bright Blue (2023), Medium (55-59 cm)

Convertible helmet will allow you to go with more speed.
• The full-face covering system ensures your maximum safety.
• Bell 3r MIPS full-face helmet provides a removable chin bar.
• It is great to tackle the uphill and mountains.
• A full-face convertible helmet can protect you from rain, snow, and dust.
• This full-face helmet comes with a notably lightweight feature.

Who Needs This Bell Super Mountain Bike Helmet?

The super bell helmet has a great demand overall. But who finds more this helmet or needs more? Ok, I am saying.

A helmet can provide safety for traveling on high and low hills. Many are fans of Mountain Ride.

They prefer this helmet. Because this will save your head from any dangerous accident, at the same time, mountain rider can keep their face from danger because of the chin bar.

It will also be helpful for those who live in areas with trails. They always have to walk through the tracks where large tree trunks can cause danger.

There have several accident possibilities if the tree trunk is hit in the trail area. So, do those who regularly travel the trails like it a lot?

Moreover, professional racers or sportsmen liked it so much. Because they have to face an additional challenge, end it can deal with all your tricks. Overall I would say that the Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet is best for adventure-loving guys.

What Should You Look for Before Buying?

In this bell super 3r MIPS helmet review, we will teach you some techniques. And we sincerely believe that you will be tricky before buying a bicycle helmet. Mainly we focus on some technical points. These are the most considered things to get the best bike helmet. 


Choosing the right helmet size is essential. If the size is not right, you will not get comfort after your helmet. When it is big, it is likely to open. And if it is too small, then you may feel pressure on your head. So, you should check out the size chart first. And also, determine the helmet size according to your head measurement


Weight is another mandatory issue. A lightweight helmet is always preferable as you have to put the helmet on your head. As well, the helmet weight has an impact on the full face. So, a heavier weight is not right in this case. Fortunately, the bell super helmet comes with mild value. So, you check it out before buying. 

Brow Ports and Chin Bar Vents:

Mainly, brow ports and chin bar vents both work for air ventilation. Generally, warm heat is created inside the helmet during rides. Which can give you pain? In this case, brow ports prevent the inside hot air. And these brow ports can pull in the cold air from outside. 

Likewise, chin bar vents can run the air circulation. Good to know that bell super 3r comes with four brow ports and six chin bar vents. We recommend making sure about the number of vents and brow ports. 

Chin Bar:

Chin bar doesn’t come with many helmets. Luckily, the Bell Super 3R chin bar is removable. You can wear and take off this chin bar within a few seconds. Here we suggest checking out properly the straps and fasteners. 


Notice the material both internally and externally. Bell Super 3R MIPS is made of real silver fiber for inside comfort. Likewise, the outer fabric is highly durable. So, make sure about the materials before buying a bike helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is MIPS technology suitable for a Bell Super 3R Helmet?

A MIPS helmet is suitable for rides. Because it comes with multi-directional impact protection, this system allows you to rotate the head 10 to 15 mm from all sides. Besides, it can prevent the motion from you your head. Therefore, the MIPS technology is the best value for this helmet.

Should I buy a full-face MTB helmet?

Are you generally riding on rough terrain, mountain, or trails? Then you would be better with a full-face MTB helmet. It is mandatory for you because this type of riding has several risks. Good to know that a full-face helmet is more massive. Likewise, you will feel hot wearing this helmet. Yet it is suggested to wear it because it ensures better safety.

Is the Bell Super 3R downhill certified?

No, it is not certified for downhill riding. However, you can have the best experience in uphill riding and mountain riding. It is specially designed for mountain and trail riding.

Final Verdict

So, that’s our complete guide on the Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet Review. We note all the vital information about this MIPS helmet. We hope you can get a clear idea about it. If you decide to buy a bell neat, we recommend rereading the buying guide because we note some of the most considering factors.

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