How to Make an Electric Bike with a Cordless Drill?

The title sounds interesting, right? If you are new to the DIY gig, then we suggest that you check this out. And if you are a pro, then we recommend that you finish our article. Here you will learn how to make an electric bike with a cordless drill in detail.   

Why buy a motorbike when you can make one for yourself! Yes, you now do not have to spend a fortune to get yourself a bike. Well, it is true that it will not be an authentic ‘motorbike’. However, we assure you that you will have a blast when using this fun thing.

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Why Does a Cordless Drill Run a Bicycle?

You see, the mechanics for a motorbike is the same as a cordless drill. A motor provides torque to the wheels, which allows the bike to move.

Now, the only problem is the speed. Unlike powerful fuel or electric engines, which were perfected to provide you extreme torques, cordless drills are incapable of offering so much power.

Nevertheless, it is a fun thing to do! After making this, you can gift it to your younger siblings, your children, or you could use it. In short, it’s one hell of a DIY, and we suggest that you try it out!

How to Make an Electric Bike Using Cordless Drills?

Making such a thing is no rocket science. And thanks to this section, you will have a clear idea of how to make such a thing! So, without further ado, let us get to the good part:

Step 1: Get the Necessary Items

There are certain things that you need to make an electric bike. Do not worry! You shall find everything you need here (along with the purposes for each of the utensils).

  • A Bike

Obviously, in order to build an electric bike, the first thing you need is a bike. Now, it can be any bike that you desire. There are no particular specifications. You can see our reviews on different bikes under 300 dollars.

  • Cordless Drill

The next thing that you require is a cordless power drill. We are confident that you will find that in any hardware store. Generally, there are no specifications or individual voltage output you would need to operate such a bike.

  • Zip Ties

Instead of using glues or other adhesives (or welding methods), we shall be using these to attach the motors to the bike. 

  • Wooden Support

You need this to support the battery. There are two advantages of using wood. First of all, it is an exceptional insulator. And the second one is that it is readily available and very affordable. 

  • Bicycle Handbrakes & Cable

The hand brakes act as a throttle system. And you would need the cable to connect the throttle system to the hand brakes.

That is all you need! All of these are quite affordable, and you will find them in almost any hardware store.

Step 2: Start Attaching the Drill

Take a couple of zip ties. Then, start attaching the drill to the bike. Wrap the zip ties onto the bike as tightly as possible. You have to be careful about two things. First, you need to make sure that the drill is in line with the tire. 

And the second thing is to check is whether the chuck is in contact with the tire. Ensure that the chuck is firmly touching the tires. Once you are satisfied with everything, cut the excess ties. If you want, you can use a lighter and burn the ends to confirm that zips never come off.

Step 3: Make the Throttle

Once you are done fixing the drill onto the tire, it is time that you have a fully functional throttle system. Remember the hand brakes? You require them now. Attach them to your bike. You may need to remove the handle grips for this. 

Anyways, after that, pass the bike cable over the trigger of the drill machine. If you want your DIY electric bike to function effectively, you have to do this task with a lot of care and patience. Here is what you have to do! 

Attach the black part of the cable to the drill using zip ties. Doing this will ensure that the trigger is never displaced. Tighten the zip tie firmly. After that, the metal part of the cable should be wrapped around the trigger. Now, give the entire thing a try. We advise that you remove the tires when you are checking this. 

Next, do a trial-and-error session. When you are happy with the results, try the entire thing using wheels.

Final Words

You are all set to try your new electric bike. If you follow the steps accurately from our guide on making an electric bike with a cordless drill, then we can say confidently that you will have a fully functional automated ride.

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