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Looking for a way to park your bike? Don’t have a kickstand? If you are looking for kickstand alternatives, you are at the perfect place.

Kickstands are innovative in their own right. This nifty little device can make a bike park on its own. Clearly, it is very useful.

But not every one of us owns a kickstand. Parking our bikes in a dirty, dangerous way is no option either. To solve this problem, we are here to present some great alternatives to a kickstand.

So, if how to stand up a bike without a kickstand is something you want to find out, keep reading!

What Is a Kickstand?

A kickstand is a tool that keeps the vehicle tight in its position by itself. The whole process is done without the help of external objects. Moreover, the tool is used on both regular bikes and motorbikes. Some varieties of bikes such as mountain bikes don’t have a kickstand. But you can get these installed. Read our review on best mountain bike kickstand.

A kickstand is made of steel or aluminum. Each kickstand has a lid made of rubber at the very end of it. The idea behind this device is to lock the bike in its place.

Different Types of Kickstand

There are different types of kickstands available. Here are some common styles described.

  • Side Stand

A side stand usually turns over a single side, and then the bike inclines itself over it. You can place a side stand behind the basal bracket. It can either be bolted onto the frame or fused into it.

  • Center Stand

A center stand is a bracket that turns downwards and lifts the back wheel, removing its contact from the ground. These are often used in addition to the side stands.

Center stands are beneficial because it eases the load from the tires, allows parking for a long time, and enables easy maintenance for the user. Most regular bikes use center stands.

Can You Stand Up a Bike Without a Kickstand?

Yes, you can stand up a bike without a kickstand. It is not something that you require as an indispensable object. There are plenty of alternatives to it. Using those, you can park the bike just right.

If you just want to park your bike, not necessarily want to make it stand up, you have many other options too. You can lean it using a wall or a fence. You can lay it on the ground.

However, if you specifically require standing, you do not have many options. Some devices are similar to a kickstand. You have to make your choice from these devices.

How to Stand Up a Bike Without a Kickstand

Earlier we mentioned devices that were very similar to a kickstand. These devices have slight differences in construction but their function is the same. Here, we are going to discuss two devices – Click-Stand and Upstand.


A great alternative to a kickstand is a Click-Stand. Its portability and foldability make it an excellent option. Based on the diameter of the tubing used, this device has two versions, a mini one and a maxi one.

Just like a tent pole, a Click-Stand can be folded easily. A lot of bike riders travel long distances. If you are someone who goes on long trips like this, you can consider getting a Click-Stand. You can carry it easily and take it anywhere.

Many aluminum tubes are connected to form a Click-Stand. Hence, it has a sturdy yet lightweight build. Besides, it also consists of a cradle on one side. This cradle is covered in rubber. Even the end of the device, that makes contact with the ground, is covered in a rubber-made exterior.

An interesting feature of this accessory is that it comes in different lengths. The tubes that are connected to form it come in different versions. Each stand is customized according to the frame dimensions of the bikes.

Besides, you can also use any number of segments to construct your stand. Then, the length will depend on the number of segments you add.


Like the Click-Stand, the footing of an upstand is made of rubber as well. However, the composition of the tubing is different. Composed of carbon-originated fibers, it has a neodymium magnet in place of a cradle at the end of the bike.

To make use of an upstand, you have to connect this magnet with a metal flap attached beside the quick-release lever. It is located on the back wheel skewer of the bike.

Since the upstand is made of carbon fiber, it is equally lightweight and well-built as a Click-Stand. A remarkable feature of this stand is that it easily attaches and detaches from the mounting tab. The magnet allows this to happen.


Even if you do not have a kickstand, making a bike stand is no big deal. By choosing the right option and installing it the right way, you can easily make your bike stand.

The alternatives may be a little different. But the installation process of them is similar to a kickstand.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not waste any time and pick up these devices to park your bike the right way.

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