Can I Use White Lithium Grease on My Bicycle Chain?

Riding around on your bicycle can be a lot of fun. However, there are many things that need to be done in order to make this ride as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. You need maintenance on the chain of your bicycle; only then will you be able to cruise through the road with the wind on your face.

Now, many of you might wonder, can I use white lithium grease on my bicycle chain?

To know what you can or cannot use as a lubricant for your bicycle chain, please continue reading. You will find useful information here.

Why Does the Bicycle Chain Require Lubricant?

The chain is attached to both of the wheels; when you push the peddle, the chain moves, which then enables both of the wheels to rotate. This rotation is what leads to the cycle moving forward. Since the chain works the entire time, you are cycling. As they are being used at all times, you need to take proper care of them.

This is where the lubricant comes in; it will enable the chain to move more smoothly. It will also make sure the movement of the chain with the mechanism is as efficient as possible. Along with all of that, another reason why you must oil your chain is to keep it from catching rust.

If you want to keep using your bicycle for a long time without having to change your chain, then it is very important to make sure you use some type of lubricant.

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Can I Use White Lithium Grease on Bike Chain?

It is difficult to give an outright yes or no to this question because you can and also cannot use it for the bike chain.

When I say that you can use the white lithium grease bike, I mean it will work and do the job of a lubricant. Therefore it has the grease required for the smooth sailing of the bike.

Having said that, you should also keep in mind that this is something you should only do if you have no other options or you have run out of bike chain oil. As your first choice, you should always look for bike oil- there are many companies that make them.

Now, why shouldn’t you use white lithium grease for your bike chain? The simple answer to this question is that this is very thick; even though this is a form of lubricant, it will not flow like a lighter oil might. You want the oil to get to all the knock and cranny. That is when you will get the best result.

Another problem with using white lithium grease for your bike chain is that as it is very thick, there is a very good chance of it building up on top of itself. Grease also tends to attract a lot of dirt. So not only will you have to deal with the grease, but you will suffer because of the amount of gunk that gets stuck.

This issue is going to lead to a lot of problems for you in the future. And one of the main problems is the cleanup. This grease buildup needs to be cleaned using special supplies.

The last reason why white lithium grease is not a good substitution for regular bike chain oil is that it is not able to work properly in high-friction. Meaning if you are going too fast, then the grease is going to burn out very quickly- requiring frequent maintenance.

Bike Grease Alternative

Even though it is recommended for you to use proper bike chain oil to ride your bicycle to the fullest, there are some alternatives you can choose. You might find it hard to get your hands on the oil, or they might just be too expensive; whatever the reason may be, I have you covered.

  • Engine Oil

The first thing you could try out is regular engine oil. For the most part, it gets the job done without a problem. And the best part is that it is readily available almost everywhere.

  • Sewing Machine Oil

Not many of us having sewing machines at home. However, the oil used for the mechanism is very similar to the one used for bikes. You could try using this for your chains and see how well they perform. If you are really looking for an alternative, then this is the one for you.

  • Vegetable Oil

When you have exhausted the two previous options, you could give vegetable oil a go. But bear in mind you need to change it frequently as it wears out very fast.


It should be clear by now that white lithium grease is only an alternative when the ones mentioned above are not available.

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