How To Use Shimano Tiagra Shifters?

Shimano’s shifters are deemed as one of the best shifters in the market. So, if you are planning to go pro, then it is high time that you move to this masterpiece. Shimano is famous for being one of the highest-tier cycle and cycle parts producing companies in the business. 

It is the same for shifters. And speaking of top-class shifters, the Tiagra shifters deserve special recognition its remarkable design and functionalities. 

Nonetheless, to become a top-grade cyclist, having such a unit installed is not enough. You also need to know how to use Shimano tiagra shifters, and we assure you that you will learn that from here. 

Are you ready to learn how to use one of the best cycle shifters in the market? 

What Makes Tiagra Shifters From Shimano So Special?                         

In this era, everything is available online, and it’s pretty tricky to pick the right one amongst so many options. Thus, authenticity and exquisiteness become the crucial determining factor. And here, before we jump in the essential part, we shall discuss why this item is such a must-have.

The Tiagra has a Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) construction, which provides the unit with exceptional durability coupled with smooth and swift operations. Apart from that, each of the accessories that this package consists of will offer you one of the best services.

Apart from the brilliant designs, functionalities, and perks that item has to offer, it is breathtaking, looks-wise. Every single is dark black and has ergonomics that will attract any cyclist like a fire is to moth. If you want more details, visit their website, and you will have a clear idea about why this item is so desired.

How To Use Shimano Tiagra Shifter?

The good thing about Shimano is that they want their products to be straightforward and easy to use. And the best example of that is the Shimano Tiagra Shifters. Now, if you want to use the item to its fullest potential, then all you have to do is understand and remember these things. 

The Shifting

One interesting thing is that Shimano uses a totally different mechanism to shift between gears. The new Shimano shifters (including the Tiagra) come with both the front and rear shifters integrated into a single unit. Are you wondering how? 

You see, the smaller shifter, which is at the back of the one larger shifter (or, to be more accurate, the entire brake lever). Now the right-hand lever is for a different purpose, and the left-hand lever is for another one. We will cover that in a couple of seconds. 

But before that, we have to tell you more about the larger and smaller shifters. To make things more understandable, the smaller gears are for shifting the gear into a smaller sprocket. Now, for the bigger lever (or the brake lever), you would be shifting the more sizeable sprockets. 

Understanding The Functionalities Between The Right & Left

After you are done with the larger and smaller gears, it is time that you understand the difference between the left and right. Let us start with the left one. Well, the left shifter is for the front derailleur and the chainrings. 

Now, changing it from between the gears will allow you to move into different chainrings, and hence, will allow you to regulate the speed and several other things when you are cycling. The right level shits change things in the derailleur of the back. 

Changing anything in the rear derailleur will allow you to reduce or enhance the resistance of your pedals. Hence, it will determine how effortlessly you will be able to move from one place to any other. Due to these, you can control your bike in more complex areas. 

By the way, you need to change these together or simultaneously whenever you are using them. 

Final Word

Thanks to our article, now you have learned how to use Shimano tiagra shifters, why this product is so famous, and several other things. All you have to do now is get yourself a pair, put them on your bike, and give them a go! We can assure you that you have never experienced something like this.

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